Bob & Margaret

I can see why a lot of people don’t get this (IMO, brilliant) cartoon, but some of the user comments on IMDb are just nasty.

It’s not a show you can just sit through, barely paying attention, and only laughing at the in-your-face jokes. You need to observe things, and listen carefully. There’s always something going on in the background - a funny sign, a funny announcement in the mega-supermarket, a witty double-entendre.

You also need a certain knowledge of British culture, slang, and terminology, to get it. For instance, when Bob’s hung over and asks Margaret for some paracetomol, you need to know that that’s the British term for acetaminophen (Tylenol®). It’s little things like that which I believe have prevented this cartoon series from achieving more success in the U.S.

Here in Canada, it airs on Global three nights a week. I have to admit sometimes I change the channel because I’ve seen a particular episode four times, but that’s probably because they haven’t produced enough new episodes, for the reasons I listed above.

But I always get a kick out of Margaret’s perpetually pained voice, the antics of William and Elizabeth (the dogs), and Bob’s jealousy toward his chef brother, Peter.

Any other B & M fans out there?

Cheers, thanks a lot.

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Wow! I remember this show, and I remember liking it.

I can’t remember what station I watched this show on (Comedy Central, maybe?), but I know it’s a station I don’t have now, what with just having bare bones cable and all.

US Dopers - is this show even on any more?

I can’t say I have my finger on the pulse of British humor, but I found this show funny, sometimes in a very subtle way.

Thanks for the memories.

It was on Comedy Central, but I believe they no longer carry it. As far as I know, it’s only on in Canada, and possibly in Britain. Bob & Margaret moved to Mississauga, Ontario, Canada (a horrible suburb of Toronto), so they new episodes are set there.

Anyway, I’m glad you liked it. The humor is intelligent. While I can enjoy the satire of South Park and The Simpsons (which is also lost on most viewers, IMO), Bob & Margaret dishes it out in scads every episode. It’s a shame this show hasn’t caught on. It’s kind of like Survivor versus The Mole. The first is in-your-face and obvious, appealing to the lowest common denominator; the second is quirky, a bit silly, but asks its viewers to think (for once).

BTW, the show started with an animated short, “Bob’s 40th Birthday,” which won an Oscar a few years back.

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I loved this show. The episode when Bob & Margaret’s house was burglarized still ranks as one of the funniest half-hours of television I’ve ever seen.

I wonder what it would take for Comedy Central to bring it back. They did bring back AbFab.

I loved Bob & Margaret too. The first time I saw it was on The Cartoon Network’s (I think now defunct) “O, Canada” series. The original episode was Bob’s surprise birthday party when he comes in complaining about people who are hiding in his house. Margaret’s pained expressions were priceless, especially when Bob trots into the living room without his pants.

Oh… I thought I was the only one! cries

The show wasn’t the most knock-down funny thing I’ve ever seen in my life, but I did find it pretty entertaining.

I usually hate the “me too” posts (and how come it’s people who say that who usually do a “me too”?) but I have to agree with everyone - Bob & Margaret was pretty funny stuff. I miss it and wish it was still on.

Lots and lots of letter-writing, perhaps? What got them to bring back AbFab? Wasn’t it “viewer request” or something?


That show have the absolute fattest flies I have ever seen in my life.

I am sitting here laughing about it just thinking about the episode. That show was hilarious. I wish it was still on.

I thought the show was great. I especially loved the show where Bob and Margaret were on holiday, and Bob was so knocked out on drugs that he didn’t realize the plane was being hijacked.

The one where one of Bob’s patients dies in the chair and he becomes known as “Dr. Death” was great too.

And the trip to the mega-supermarket with the crisis intervention counsellor…

And Margaret becoming a radio personality quite by accident…

And the whole dog saga when they were stuck in Canada and William & Elizabeth were left alone…

Brilliant stuff.

Pepper Mill and I used to watch this when it was on Comedy Central, but they apparently no longer carry it. We actually went out of our way to see it. It was interesting and different, but I cab’t say I ever found it laughing-out-loud funny.

And, yeah, I do get the jokes. I find the British culture vs, US culture stuff fascinating (I’ve never seen one of the Canada B&Ms – didn’t even know they existed until this thread).