Bob Simon of 60 Minutes has died.

NPR just reported that he perished in a car crash, and the CBS website confirms.

Yeah, it’s confirmed. RIP. :frowning:

One of the few old-school, real journalists left. All those years in combat zones and he perishes in a NYC Town Car crash. It sucks.

RIP, Mr. Simon.

Fixed the title for you.

a good reporter with a good tv presence.

A taxicab ride from hell. :frowning: Why was that cabbie speeding so late at night?

Such a shame. Simon was an excellent reporter. My heart goes out to his family. Watched him much of my life. RIP Bob

6:45PM is “late at night”?

Have you ever ridden in a NYC cab? Time is money.

Talk about not knowing when or how your time will be up.