Cash Cab, how was that not terribly unsafe?

I know the show Cash Cab is pretty old, but they show reruns in late night syndication now, so I see it quite a bit.

How in the world could it be safe to have the guy hosting a gameshow why driving a cab around NYC? Talk about distracted driving.

I notice they never seem to show the front passenger seat, is there by any chance a hidden 2nd driver there who does the actual driving on a 2nd set of controls (like how some driver’s training cars have a 2nd set). Or do we never see the seat because that’s where the cameraman sits? Crap, just thought of that, there goes the 2nd cabbie theory…

From everything I’ve read he is driving it and there is no camera man in the front seat (the cameras are built in).
This interview supports that.

At least he had both hands on the wheel. I’ve been in NYC cabs where the driver spent the entire ride on the phone, writing things down with his other hand every few minutes. So I’d say it was no more unsafe than the average NY cabbie.

With traffic you can never really go fast in NYC anyway. Also there was a ton of editing on that show. For example after he announces they were in Cash Cab but before they play producers in a car that follows them come and make then sign forms etc. If you notice there is always an edit before they take off on their trip.

Don’t know about everyone, but most people can talk and drive at the same time.

The heavy hosting duties aren’t handled by the host. All he really needs to do is repeat the questions he is told from his earpiece, and then repeat what the judges say. As buddha_david suggests, all the host really has to do is speak in a personable manner, something most drivers can manage.

At worst, it’s as distracting as a hands-free cell phone conversation, and those are apparently not impairing enough to be illegal.

Add to what’s been mentioned that he’s not driving like a real NY hackie–those guys are busting their asses to make their tips, which involves a fair bit of rather aggressive driving. Cash Cab Guy (whose name eludes me) seems to have a much more relaxed style. He’ll get you there, but he’s not too worried about whether he shaves a minute or two off your trip.

Just fyi: “hackie” has fallen into desuetude since Archie Goodwin’s time.

Ben Bailey is/was the Cash Cabbie.

Since the contestant/passengers get to answer questions until they reach their destination, it behooves them that Ben took a more leisurely drive.


So no cutting through the park?

Oh, I wasn’t considering an earpiece, I thought he had a screen he was reading questions from. :smack:

If its good enough for Archie, its good enough for me. :wink: Ben Bailey is in a nice short adaptation of the classic sci-fi short story, “They’re Made Out of Meat” that can be found on YouTube (in disappointingly low quality, fsr).

I actually suspected that you thought that.