Bob Welch of Fleetwood Mac Dead


Self-inflicted gunshot to the chest.

“Hypnotized” is still one of the peices they do in concert.


Oh wow, that’s too bad. I really enjoyed his solo stuff as well as his stint with Fleetwood Mac.

I do know how to spell. Honest.

I saw FM with the Welch line-up many years ago (obviously). He rocked.

Oh no! I loved Ebony Eyes… had that album when they were still ALBUMS.

Been playing Sentimental Lady in my head…

Let me add “Future Games” to the list of great Fleetwood Mac songs Welch wrote. One of the great dual lead guitar rockers as well.

I saw them last year on tour and was disappointed that they did none of his songs.

A week full of tragedy.

I happened to hear two different Bob Welch songs playing at two different stores today, after not having heard or thought about him for years. I wonder if it was a coincidence or if the store managers had heard of his death. I’m no big fan or anything but the songs instantly transported me to the time when they were played regularly. RIP, sir.

One of my favorite songs of his–Hot Love, Cold World

*Now there is a way to say I love you,
And it’s said every day by some kind of fool.
But where is the way to tell her goodbye?
We both can’t be wrong, I must be right.

Hot Love, Cold World…oh yeah. *

He was in the band when I first got turned on to them.

Me too and me too. I think it’s downstairs, although I do have it on CD and my MP3. :frowning:

Loved this version of Ebony Eyes LIVE at Cal Jam II with Stevie Nicks backing on vocals.

Awesome Ministryman… thanks for that clip!!!

RIP Bob… great songwriter… Mick did give him credit for gettin the band to move to California in his autobiography… I think much like they do with the football hall of fame… the band member shouldn’t have any decision on who’s included in the rock induction… too many arguments and business screwups … How could guns and roses say (basically Axl) for instance that Steven Adler wasn’t crucial to their success?

I’m glad that worked out for him. Shooting oneself in the chest doesn’t seem like a foolproof method to me. You can’t turn your hand around well with a pistol and a rifle is difficult to hold in the necessary position to do the job quickly.

I didn’t like the Bob Welch era Fleetwood Mac or his solo career, but he was certainly far down the list of those I wanted to see die. I was hoping for the one name performers to go first (Yanni, Raffi, Cher, Pink, Bono, Zamfir…)

I guess his “14 joys and will to be merry” ran out.

RIP, Bob. Loved your songs.