Singers who were great in a group, but suck solo

Or, The Belinda Carlisle Award.

Her singing style was great for the Go-Go’s, but it evolved into a nasal vibrato that got old real quick.

Anybody else?

Are we just talking about their voices, or the overall quality of their work?

If the latter, I’ll nominate Sting.

More so the quality of their work. Carlisle’s solo stuff sucked as much as her voice.

As soon as saw the thread title, I thought Sting.

But I see ultrafilter already beat me to it.

I nominate all of the Beatles, as well as Roger Waters.

Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, too.

David Lee Roth. Well, Just A Gigolo was OK, but otherwise, suck city.

His has been a most consistent decline from Police to Adult Contemporary flatulence.

Hadn’t thought about Waters, but I definitely had the Beatles in mind.

Oh, and let’s not forget Ozzy either.

My ultimate dissapointment is Paul Westerberg formerly of the Replacements. They were among the greatest bands of all time, and though they lost some edge as they aged they made up for it with more mature song writing.

They break up and Westerberg turns into, well, Sting. Unless you are a lite rock afficionado that is clearly a bad thing.

Roger Daltrey. But Pete Townsend put out some excellent records after the Who split up for the first time.

Steve Perry of Journey (just kidding).

Lionel Richie.

I liked “You Are”, but everything else bit.

Hey! I like Adult Contemporary flatulence!

And the Beatles were the first to come to my mind, as well.

Empty Glass was pretty good.

Too true, too true. The 'Mats were one of my faves.

I think, in Paul’s defence, we must remember the guy is not well emotionally, and his anxiety and depression were not being treated (in any conventional sense) while still in the Replacements. (What’s that they say about genius and madness?) These days he’s constantly medicated, which is good for him healthwise, but it seems to have blunted his creativity and softened his edge considerably.

Paul Simon. Simon & Garfunkle were great, Simon sans Garfunkle… eh at best.

Garfunkel was no day in the park, either.

I liked “Gigolo” and thought Roth was cool, until I heard the older Louis Prima version and realized that he stole … every … last … inflection in the song from him.

The Beatles probably deserve the award if you’re measuring the greatest distance from the top to the bottom, and when you’re down to Paulie’s “Mary Had A Little Lamb,” you’re scrapin’ Uranus at that point.

Woah, woah, woah. Stop The Music. Paul Simon? There Goes Rhymin’ Simon? Graceland? Rhythm Of The Saints? Still Crazy After All These Years? Garfunkel, maybe. But not Paul Simon.