Bobbi Kristina Brown - on a ventilator after found in bathtub

I can’t say this surprises me. Like mother like daughter.

Bobbi Kristina grew up in a bad situation between two parents with very well known addiction battles. I feel extremely bad for Whitney’s mom, Cissy Houston. To lose both her daughter and now, possibly her granddaughter is heartbreaking. AFAIK Cissy is estranged from Bobbi Kristina. I haven’t seen any reports that she is at the hospital.

local Atlanta station’s report.

Consider the source. But, once in awhile TMZ gets it right.

I have seen reports that she was found face down in the water. Her condition doesn’t sound good.

The first report after news broke.

Face down in a tub? Is that even possible for a seziure to flip somebody over in such a confined space?

So this what? A gloating thread?

TMZ has a good record on this sort of thing.

Poor girl.

Yeah, I don’t care about famous people, but this one had disaster waiting to happened all over it!

Oh yeah, I hope the kid is alright.

No I’m sickened. Not gloating. The way this girl was raised never gave her a chance. The drugs and violence between Whitney and Bobby Brown. It must of been one hell of a childhood.

I guess there was always a slim chance Bobbi Kristina would have rejected that lifestyle. But, she’s been in and out of trouble for years. Even before Whitney died.

Every person has value and potential. Carol Burnett came out of a home with two alcoholic parents. She managed to avoid making the same mistakes. That’s why I said, there’s always a slim chance somebody can overcome any troubled childhood.

Why exactly is it apparently a family tradition to get REALLY high and then go into a bathtub?! I mean that has enormously stupid written all over it.

I mean if both of them mom and daughter just omitted the freaking bathtub they would both be alive.

Bathtubs or smoking are really dangerous circumstances for intoxicated people. People passing out with lit cigarettes is just as lethal as passing out in the tub.

I guess lit cigarettes are worse because it means burning down the house and anyone else trapped in it.

In actuality, TMZ rarely gets things wrong and they’re usually the first to break the news.

Some of us on another board were wondering if she’s being considered as an organ donor.


Organ donor might be the best outcome. It’s hard to imagine a more horrific death than lingering on a ventilator with little brain activity for decades. Like the race car driver Michael Schumacher. The dual edge of modern medicine. They can keep you alive no matter how little brain function is left.

My wife and I both have living wills. We want to go with a little bit of dignity. Not like this.

Or Jean-Dominique Bauby, whose book “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly” was made into a movie that’s as good as the book. He died within a few days of the book’s release in the late 1990s, having lived this way for several years. He had locked-in syndrome after a stroke, as did a young man with the surname Pistorius who was on the news in recent days. (He’s unrelated to Oscar.)

I just hope that if she is evaluated, that she isn’t rejected because her organs have already been so badly damaged by her own drug use.

As important as organ donation is, it’s always heartbreaking to hear about somebody becoming a donor.

Just a comment – Michael Schumacher is at his home right now. He is wheelchair-bound and apparently has some brain damage (speaking and memory troubles), but he is not lingering in hospital or anything.

Of course.

Someone elsewhere made a good point that this was most likely a suicide attempt, since there is no way she wouldn’t remember how her mom died. It would seem improbable to make that same mistake by accident.

Well, she screwed that up too then. :stuck_out_tongue: Whitney died Feb 11, 2012. Bobbi Kristina missed the mark by 10 days. But, the family might have been watching her more closely on the anniversary. Especially if she’s been depressed or upset lately.

I’ve read Bobbi Kristina has been recording and trying to follow in her grandmother and mother’s footsteps. I’ve often thought children of singers are so clueless when it comes to building a career. They think they can just run out and record an album. Get it played on the radio. Instead of earning a career by taking lessons and getting stage experience working night after night in small clubs. I know Whitney spent years as a teenager singing with her mom building her voice and getting experience.

I saw the same thing with Ozzy Osbourne’s daughter, Kelly. She sang Papa Don’t Preach on the MTV awards. It did well and she recorded a couple failed albums. She half-heartedly toured for awhile and gave up. You don’t inherit performing experience just because you have a famous name. There’s no shortcuts.

Gene Simmons’ daughter Sophie has recorded a few youtube songs. But, I don’t think she’s willing to jump into the nightly grind of performing in small clubs either. She’s already got money and doesn’t have to work.

just a comment on the media. North Fulton hospital is about 1/2 a mile from my house. There have been news vans parked across the street with tents set up for a few days now; and occasionally I’ll see a report talking into a camera with the hospital as a backdrop. :rolleyes:

I’m lost as how being there is making that news story more interesting; and the fact that they’re still there means (I can only assume) that they’re waiting for her to die. Geez, Louise.

Hilarious, isn’t it? I don’t know why she ended up in this state, but people often become more depressed as an anniversary gets closer. There’s no way she didn’t know what date her mother died.

Very tragic. I can only imagine how stressful and unpredictable her life has been.

What a classy fellow you are.