Bobby Fischer speaks out to applaud Trade Centre attacks

Ya know, I think I am going to chalk this one up to him simply being a nut job.

Bobby Fischer speaks out to applaud Trade Centre attacks
By David Bamber and Chris Hastings
(Filed: 02/12/2001)

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Wow, someone in the world thinks bobby fisher is important enough to listen to.

Man, why am i not famous?

I can never figure out why we’re supposed to care what these “famous” people think. Bobby Fischer? For all I care he can shove his Queen up his ass and yell “checkmate” over and over in a nuthouse.

Why does his anti-American crap matter any more then the next guy’s? To me, it’s like saying:

“Totally unknown man, Joe Joverson applauds WTC attacks. Yep, no one knows me, but I think it’s great”. No one would pay attention to this idiot (except maybe the FBI), so why do we care?


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As for the content of the article, Fischer may be a moron with no grasp whatsoever of the facts, but he’s hardly the only one who holds the opinions he expressed. And that’s what’s truly frightening.

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(BTW Shayna, I don’t think BF is a moron or anything close to it. He is, however, a person with a lot of mental problems).

Oops, sorry about that.

A few of the reasons why it is a bit significant what Fischer says are:

  1. He is not just a nameless nobody. During the late 60’s early 70’s the guy was on the
    front page of every paper in the country and considered a national hero. he met with
    presidents and premiers and was actively used as a major piece of pro-America
    propaganda against the soviets.

  2. The guy is a major recluse, to the point where most folks thought he was dead until

  3. So that he went out of his way to publicize this is noteworthy in and of itself.

  4. He is (supposedly) a genius.

Please allow me to clarify my statement with regard to Bobby Fischer being a moron. IQ aside, anyone who believes the U.S. had this coming, actually applauds, and is happy about, this violent terrorist act against thousands of innocent civilians and then spouts off about some “international Jewish conspiracy” is a bloody moron.

What a dipstick fuckwit. Chess genius or no, he just dropped off the civilized world’s A list.

The only reason I’d ever listen to anything he said would be that he’s just so damned interesting, psychologically. Someone should put him in a cage and study him.

I guess he has an axe to grind because he lost his U.S. citizenship. Of course, he did it to himself:

The bottom of the above site has some interesting links about him. I doubt if he’d sing the same tune if he’d been injured at the WTC or Pentagon on Sept. 11th. What a waste of what appears to be a brilliant mind! :rolleyes: He’s a criminal and doesn’t appear so naive. After all, there seemed to be big monetary gain for the man.

Another piece of human scum. I wonder if someone will step forward to defend him? :confused:

Umm if you read the article I think he is.

I just read his account of being tortured by the police.

Couldn’t stop laughing my ass off. I really hope that was supposed to be a joke.

Hey, warning, that Telegraph link has a GONZO delayed popup for something called a Mini, is that a car? The screen goes dark and this seemingly-naked flesh-toned mummy guy (you realize it’s a mummy after a minute) comes out and parades around and a text box flashes. I thought I had a virus.

Do a Google search for “bobby fischer Bombo”. Evidently he’s been giving them interviews for a while.

I think we’re talking “major nutjob” here, people.

I found this because it was a link on the page about Fisher losing his citizenship…

Read it, its really really screwed up.

Part of it is about a guy trying to track down his kid, which is left for 4 years on two peopel who were only suppsosed to be watching her for 1 year and about his wierd ass marrage and other strange stuff.

Speaking of celebrities voicing their opinions on the events surrounding 9-11…

Charlotte Church (the teenage opera singer) supposedly disagrees with the fact that firemen are being treated like “stars”. It’s something that she “just doesn’t agree with.” What a filthy little bitch. They don’t deserve the star treatment, yet she does.

(I heard this on SNL’s Weekend Update. Naive girl that I am, I believe all of the news they present to be true [to an extent; I can identify the punchlines]. I really hope that someone corrects me on this, that this girl did not say something as mean-spirited as that.)

Unfortunately, it’s true.



There’s more, but it’s all just too disgusting to reprint. What a self-centered skank.

Her homepage with, what strikes me as, a lame attempt at spin.

Of course her comments were taken out of context. Seeing as how most people aren’t self-abosorbed ego-maniacal bitches we couldn’t possibly understand what she meant.

Good Grief, the kids 15 years old; give her a break. Haven’t we all said stupid things when we’re young. :eek:

I’m inclined to cut her a little(very little) slack on account of being 15 and probably just really sticking her foot in her mouth, rather than expressing any carefully considered opinion that presenting awards on TV is too great an honor for the men and women of the FDNY.

Bobby Fischer has no excuse. What a vile and repulsive human being.