Body Jewelry-Do you wear? Do you like?

Wait, don’t run away! We’re not necessarily talking about piercings.

I only say body jewelry to mean some of the more non-traditional jewelry.

I wear toerings. I love them. They’re usually silver. On one foot I always wear a silver band. On the other - it depends. Today I have a silver band on my fourth toe and a little butterfly on the second.

I like dressing ultra-conservative and having people glance down to my sandals and seeing my toerings winking in the light. I have pretty feet, if I do say so myself. :wink:

I also have my nose pierced. It’s a very tasteful gold flower, with a (real!) diamond stud in each petal. It’s maybe a centimeter across (sigh…only for you guys would I be caught measuring my nosering!) I did it because I wanted to have some visible link with my culture, as I am very fair and have been mistaken for Spanish / Puerto Rican on occasion.

I would wear bellyrings, I think they’re pretty…but I have neither the courage nor the right kind of belly to show it off.

How about you guys? What kind of stuff are you into?