Esteemed, learned Dopers:
What is the origin of the term “bogart” as in “don’t bogart that whole joint/beer/bag of cookies/etc.?”

I plead ignorance on this and can only guess it may have something to do with the famous late actor?

Yeah. Humphrey Bogart smoked a lot. And he held his cigarette like he wanted to get every drop of delicious tobacco goodness out of it.

So when the joint’s going around at parties, and one guy holds onto it in what appears to be a selfish attempt to hook down all the smoke himself, rather than being nice and taking a quick hit and passing it on, folks noticed that he was holding onto it like Bogart with a Camel.

“Bogarting the joint” then moved on to cover selfishness with oher items…beer, cookies, what have you.

Would double-posting be bogarting a thread?
Hey man… like, trust the CGI!

I’m reminded of the late, great Lowell George:

"Rooooooooooooolllllllll another one
Just like the other one
Pass it over to me…

Don’t bogart that joint, my friend
Pass it over to me"

You got to love the Feat.

Or, as Firesign Theater put it: “Don’t crush that dwarf. Hand me the pliers.”

I always understood “bogarting”, as it relates to smokeable products, to refer to the *manner * in which the product is smoked, not in how big the inhalation is. Mr. Bogart in his movies, tended to smoke a cigarette without curling his lips inward so that the inner tip of the cigarette was actually resting on his lower gums. Hence the cry “don’t bogart that joint” really meant “don’t get your icky saliva all over the jay”.


I too have heard and used this term over the years. In my experience it was always in the context of hogging the doobie/chocolate/whatever.

I remember my High school buddies using another term for that. It was quite a racist, non pc remark referring to african-americans and their more common feature of larger lips. I was never comfortable with the remark, largely because when I got in fights with bullies, always other white guys, the bro’s always cheered for me.

Don’t bogart that joint my friend, pass it over to me…

What song was that?



On “Waiting for Columbus,” (a concert that I attended, BTW), Feat sings “Don’t Bogart that Joint” but it isn’t listed on the cover.