Bogus Drama on Skinwalker Ranch

During the initial episode of this year’s Skinwalker Ranch, the boys were digging a hole and the security guard said his iPhone was going crazy. Travis said even the NSA couldn’t make that happen. While no one else’s phone was loopy, they debated the wisdom of digging deeper before resuming the excavation. Sheer nonsense. The problems with the iPhone are so widespread there’s a name for it: Ghost Touch. However, there’s nothing alien or supernatural about the headache. One of the conditions that can generate this problem is a cracked phone screen and the guard’s screen had numerous cracks. Other Ghost Touch triggers are poor charging, a slightly warped case and software issues. Really low blow from the producers.

Skinwalker Ranch is clearly 100% made up bullshit, as opposed to Oak Island, which is only 99% made up Bullshit. I mean at least with Oak island there seems to be some mystery about the original “Money Pit”, although that has been covered with bovine excrement also.

Is this from a show? If so what show and what channel?

Oh man, I remember when the History Channel at least pretended to be not garbage.

“Skinwalker Ranch” sounds like a film company that specializes in Star Wars porn parodies.


A skinwalker is a Navaho witch who can change his appearance. Why name a ranch after them?

Heh. I have to admit, I initially misread it as “Skywalker Ranch.”

Apparently they got 'em there. Because the Navaho cursed two Utes?

Two utes?


The Wikipedia article about the ranch led me to this:

An aversion to digging

“Crap goes down when people start disturbing the earth,” says Arnold, also known as “Dragon,” in the first episode of The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch .

The History Channel show spends a large portion of the first season on one central theme: bad things happen to those who dig. Twice, ranch superintendent Thomas Winterton develops a lump on his head, his scalp separating from his skull after digging on the ranch. Astrophysicist Travis Taylor opens a porthole and develops burns that his doctor says are similar to those radiation patients get.

When the team visits a cave on the property they record surging VOC levels at 3,600 parts per billion and Taylor comes down with a bout of vertigo. The batteries on their phones go dead within a matter of minutes and another phone starts to go haywire. Lured by the idea that some paranormal causation must exist just beneath the surface, the team remains eager to dig, but Bryant won’t let them. It’s too dangerous, he says.

The aversion to digging story arc is cumbersome, if not problematic, for one major reason: the Uinta Basin is, as previously mentioned, absolutely rife with oil. The land is perforated by more than 8,000 gas wells and 2,000 oil wells and has been a fracking destination since the 1960s. Mineral rights, as it turns out, are the primary source of income for the nearby Uintah and Ouray Indian Reservation.

So though there may be some trepidation around digging, there has already been plenty of it―if not on the property itself then immediately adjacent to it. “You can sit on the elevated areas around the ranch and see drill rigs all over,” Arnold says. “Oil and gas, until it crashed, was a huge part of what the economy in the Uinta Basin was.”

Fugal still considers himself a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Arnold doesn’t, though both admit their religious backgrounds shape their experience at the ranch. Growing up, they were taught that there are worlds without number, that parallel universes exist alongside ours―and both have seen those beliefs confirmed at the ranch.

After losing his father in 1999, Arnold never had the sort of spiritual experiences people often talk about when they lose a family member… until he came to the ranch. “I feel this extreme closeness. Almost a sense of… I don’t know, it’s hard to explain. My feeling is that it’s an interdimensional type thing, a parallel type universe, which somewhat plays into the religious beliefs that I grew up with. I think it makes more sense because something will show up in one spot, and then it shows up in another spot as if it’s jumping between realms.”

Fugal agrees.“Most people on this planet believe in life after death,” he continues. “And I think the scientific explanation is that we do live in a multi-dimensional universe and that our consciousness has the capacity to pass from this dimension of reality into the next. I think scientists have theorized for a long time that we live in a multi-dimensional universe and what we’re observing on Skinwalker Ranch seems to confirm that.”

And THIS, dear readers, is why we have anti-vaxxers and people “auditing” the Maricopa County election result. And people going to pizza parlors to rescue sex slaves.

We’re doomed.

Dale Gribble is the most accurate depiction of a conspiracy theorist. He’s somebody who thinks he has a greater understanding of what’s going on than all of the people around him. But all of those people can see how clueless he really is.

Tell me about it…

In case you don’t recognize the “astrophysicist” expert he starred on the short lived series “Rocket City Rednecks” ten years ago. They designed all kinds of crazy things and nearly killed themselves when their submarine started to catch fire while submerged due to water in the CO scrubber system. Oh, gee, it self combusts when it gets wet. The main hatch was bolted on and took a long time to open while the sub filled with choking smoke. They declined to test it further.

Meanwhile there’s some guy who just tuned in to the Game Show Network and is complaining “What? Another damn opera! This is the fifth one they’ve shown this week!”

I used to watch The Weather Channel, to, you know, watch the weather. Last time I checked it was Ice Road Truckers and reruns of Twister.