Bohemian Gravity

Canadian physics grad student covers Queen as part of his master’s thesis.

I don’t know enough about physics to comment on the accuracy of the content, but it “seems” correct to an outsider.

More impressive than his grasp of the subject matter, though, is his ability to sing all these parts in harmony, organize the clips, and put it all together.

This alone should be thesis worthy!

Yeah I’ll just assume he got the science part right. The rest of it is amazing.

Well, a lot of it is just name-dropping without explaining the significance, but where he did explain the actual physics, he got it basically right. The biggest problem is that he correctly states the problem, and then he starts talking about the string model, while giving the impression (without actually stating so) that the string model solves the problems. But then, everyone stringy does that.

But are they stringing us along?

I’m waiting to be able to pre-order the CD. This totally fucking rocks!

Okay, after watching his other video, Rolling in the Higgs, I had to go to iTunes and purchase them both.

Thanks for posting that link, Learjeff; you helped get my day off to a great start!

Thanks for commenting on the physics. They were just lyrics to me. Does anyone actually listen to lyrics?

As a musician, I like the way he covered Brian May’s signature guitar parts with vocals. I suspect some puppet parts were recorded in half speed.


I watched the video and noticed two names in the comments that I recognized - one of them was “Snowboarder Bo” (the other was someone I know from an email list).

In related news, Queen guitarist Brian May has a Ph.D. in astrophysics.

Where does it say that he’s doing this for his thesis? Actually, I just got to the end and of course it isn’t part of his thesis. Still really cool of course.