Bohemian Grove "owl" on the $1 bill

Ever since I was a kid (and still had the eyesight to view the little guy unaided), I knew the creature in the corner of the dollar was a spider – an energetic fellow who spun on all the lovely “web” engraved on our monetary unit.

What say ye Collective Wisdom?

Well, I can’t see the owl, but I can find Cecil’s column:
Do U.S. leaders perform satanic rituals at Bohemian Grove?

It’s obviously a wombat. Or Mary Magdelene.

Since I helped Cecil with this column, I’ll respond: accusations that the item on the dollar is a spider actually back up the Bohemian Grove conspiracy hypothesis for some people, as one of the long-held mottos of the Grove is “weaving spiders come not here”, and this motto appears on a plaque at the Grove.

It’s a spider. Don’t see owl at all.

But since when do conspiracy theorists let reality get in their way?

How do you know that the Bohemian Grove folks don’t own all the magnifying glass companies and force them to put a special filter into all the lens? Huh? How about that? Huh?

Cecil didn’t mention the details, but I actually sat through nearly 3 hours of conspiracy theory videos on Bohemian Grove; I really took one for the team in doing that. I wanted him to use my description of the “undercover” conspiracy theorists running around the camp: “It was like watching a high school A/V club looking for werewolves at a Shrine Rodeo.” Cecil didn’t think it was that funny; perhaps it’s not.

As a follow-up to the column, I’ve attached my rough notes of the videos, edited slightly for readability.

If anyone remembers the recent thread where Jetblast prved that Jimi Hendrix was a shape shifting alien or some such, one of his lines of “evidence” was an Alex Jones book.

Just for the record, I think that: “It was like watching a high school A/V club looking for werewolves at a Shrine Rodeo.” is a wonderfully descriptive sentence. Well, done, Una. I hope your brain recovers.

The Bohemian Grove isn’t the club where you want to go for dark secrets. Check out Los Rancheros Visitatodores, the super wealthy men’s only club based in Santa Barbara. I worked for them for 6 years, and have pictures of the rich & powerful businessmen & politicians, up to and including U.S. presidents in their drunken frolics with each other and blow up dolls. These guys are amazing.

I have worked at one of the camps at the Grove for years, and I can tell you it is way more boring than you think.
I could sum it up as this: Lots of old men (average age is about 65) drinking martinis, smoking cigars, talking about golf games and boat ownership. About a third are actors, artists, and musicians who are guests, paid for by the wealthier people, to enhance the artistic atmosphere. They are forbidden from talking business or politics (that’s what the motto means, “weaving spiders come not here” means no weaving business deals). Many are very rich, and look forward to the Grove to hang out with other rich guys without anybody pitching to them their get-rich-quick schemes. They go to escape their wives and hang out in the woods with the boys for a week, the same as a blue-collar boys-only fishing trip tradition but with better food and servants.
The ceremony is like a hokey school play with a nice pyrotechnics budget, but far from being sinister. It’s called " The cremation of Care" and is symbolic of leaving their worries (cares) behind for the time while they are there.
I know it is so tempting to believe that it’s a conspiracy, but it is simply too big for a conspiracy to work. You can’t have three thousand people with a secret, with hundreds of worker guys like me hearing it all, and expect it to somehow stay secret. The truth is far more boring than your imagination.

You mean the servants at our fishing trips could be BETTER? :eek: :smack: :smiley: :smiley:

Away dull care!
I understand they also do it to entertain Alex Jones…
you know, you Can find a drawing of Cecil on the 2 dollar bill.

I understand they maintain that the Manhattan Project was their idea.

It doesn’t require all of them to be involved, and unless you have the place bugged you have no idea what these people are discussing. Or you might have, but let’s pretend they are shooting the breeze with like-minded, well-intentioned other men.

And do you think these very ambitious men ever really completely put business on the back burner? No matter how hard they play, there is always a deal to be done.

And you know this because of your close personal acquaintance with the very rich and your years of experience traveling with them on vacations and getaways?

Or do you just know this?

As far as business deals, numerous interviews which I read from past members state that there is a very strong prohibition on business, but nonetheless it does get discussed. There are also presentations and lectures which are definitely intended to be “business” - one example was a General who did a lecture titled something like “gentlemen, I need the B-2”. My impression from the research I did for Cecil is that there’s much more of a prohibition on business rather than politics.

I don’t know if anyone remembers it, but one of the many things wrong with Obama’s choice of the “wise Latina” was her membership in a similar secret club, The Belizean Grove.

Here’s a linkto a pic if you want to see it blown up.

You don’t have to be an esteemed expert in human history to know that people with power and influence tend to extremes of behaviour and self-service, if they aren’t kept under a tight rein.