Boiled Peanuts. I love them. How about you?

I love boiled peanuts. They were a treat for me growing up in Florida. It’s difficult to find raw peanuts here in California so I don’t get to have them often.

I find that people either love them or hate them. Of course there are some that refuse to even try them.

So how about you?

I’ve only had them once, when I visited Jimmy Carter’s boyhood home in Plains, Georgia, last year. I liked them – but I think I still prefer roasted peanuts.

North Carolina resident since 1967 Freshman year in college here.

For about 20 years the thought of boiled peanuts was so revolting to me
that I could hardly stand to watch someone else eat them.

Then, natch, I actually tried them, and loved them. They are delicious!

On the other hand I tried NC-style pork Bar-B-Que right away, and hated it
right away and forever more. That stuff really sucks.

Now, I’ve also spent some time in Texas, and although Texas politicians
are real assholes Texas beef Bar-B-Que is as good a food as there has ever been.

Love them! They don’t sell them here in Nebraska so you have to have them shipped in. I had them as the featured exotic food for an event I did last year and I still have about fifty pounds of them in my office at work. Weird!

I don’t eat legumes anymore, but I love boiled peanuts. I only get them when I’m down in SC, but I still crave the hell out of them from time to time.

They’re a lot like little unshelled shrimp- quite a bit of work for what you get to eat, but they’re good.

Love 'em!

What are you talking aboot?
Never heard of them, eh?

Seriously, I never have heard of them.

I tried them once, and they were terrible.

I love them! They are hard to find though.

Well now I want some boiled peanuts and it’s almost midnight, goddamn you. (Note: when I say “boiled peanuts”, but not when I say, let’s say, “boiled wool”, it’s “bolled”.)


boiled peanuts are common to see in the morning at stores in hawaii …

I haven’t had boiled peanuts in nearly 50 years.

Back then we would visit my grandparents in Moultrie, Georgia. The adults would sometimes buy us kids each a brown paper lunch bag of boiled peanuts, usually from a guy selling them on the side of a road. (I think they were a nickel or maybe 10 cents a bag, I don’t remember, because I never paid.) I loved them. I would pop a whole peanut, shell and all into my mouth and suck on it until it wasn’t salty anymore, then bite down just enough to pop the peanuts out. I’d eat the nuts and spit out the shell. Delicious.

I have no idea if I would still like them now though. There were a lot of things I ate when I was a kid that I won’t touch these days.

Boiled green peanuts in a big ol’ styrofoam cup are the PERFECT food for watching any sports activity, either at home or in person.

DDAMN but I miss me some boiled peanuts. We can’t get them at all here in Las Vegas, but in Tallahassee, FL it seemed like there was a vendor at every freaking major intersection, plus a couple who were just at random spots on the side of the road.



I have an aunt in Florida and she has sent me the raw peanuts on occasion, so I have been able to get my fix. But she is getting too old to do it for me any more. It looks like you can order them on line these days.

It’s raining and has been for days. A big bowl of those salty delicious nuts would be so good right now.

Absolutely love them. Ate them as a kid in Florida whenever possible. Moved to MA in 1976 and did not have them until 7 years ago when I finally went back to FLA. They are still sold by the roadside there. Although now they have spicy ones that I do not care for. Masks the boiled peanutty flavor.

I love them so much that I have made them. I had to buy a huge amount of raw peanuts. I used around 5 pounds, the remaining 45 pounds went to the bluejays and squirrels.

I tried them for the first time last summer and… ewww. Just ewww. They were completely revolting. I don’t want my peanuts to be mushy. I could barely swallow them. This whole thread is making me a bit queasy.

I will eat them until I get sick. At least, I assume I would. I can’t get enough to get sick on, what with having to fight the rest of the family for my fair share.

My husband (transplanted Yankee) has never even tried them. He can’t wrap his mind around the idea of mushy peanuts.

They’re young peanuts that are boiled, as opposed to mature peanuts that are roasted. They’re a bit more rubbery than crunchy. You can get them (unshelled) from Chinese grocery stores (at least in Toronto), but my wife sometimes boils her own.

I don’t have a strong opinion about them.