Boiling eggs: slower cooking = yellower yolk?

When I make egg salad, I normally plunge the eggs into boiling water for about 6-7 minutes. The yolk is usually very pale in color, and the egg salad very sulfurus.

Today at work I fancied egg salad, but we only have a microwave and a kettle. So I poured boiling water on the eggs in a bowl, and covered the bowl for 5 minutes. Then I gave 'em a 10 second blast in the microwave, poured off the water, and repeated the process twice more. Result: well cooked eggs, with the yellowest yolks I’ve ever seen. The egg salad was the richest I’ve ever tasted, too.

Anyone got any theories?

It’s not the slow cooking, it’s that you’ve been overcooking your eggs. Do you get the green ring around the yolk as well? Yolks go from done to overdone very quickly, and getting them perfectly done is an art. A perfectly done hard boiled egg has a very yellowing, almost orange yolk, with no greenish ring around it.

My recipe, which worked at high altitude and I haven’t tested it down here at sea level yet. Hmmm… maybe something to try today!

Put eggs in pan.
Add water to cover.
Put on stove. Bring to a boil.
Boil for 13 minutes.
While they’re boiling, put a bunch of ice in a bowl and cover with water.
Remove eggs from stove. Put them in the ice water bath until they cool.

That always produced lovely eggs. As I said, though, that was at high altitude. I suspect the boil time might have to be adjusted for lower altitude.

Hmm, that could be true, though I haven’t ever had the green ring problem. Do you start with cold water then add heat?

Yes, cold water, then add heat.

The main thing, though, is the ice water bath at the end. You want to cool those eggies down fast, otherwise they still cook in the shells.

Athena’s right. Overcook your eggs and you get weird green-eggish yolks.
But your problem could also simply be the quality of your eggs. All I know is that when I head back to the States and buy the supermarket brand eggs, the yolks are a pale, lemony color rather than the almost orange they are here. Free-range eggs, OTOH, are lovely.

Also, I always keep my eggs at room temperature. Otherwise, I pretty much follow Athena’s approach. Plunging into cold water at the end is important.
I sometimes start with boiling water and then add the eggs, and find it works about the same. Really don’t notice much of a difference between the two approaches.

The quality isn’t a problem: the same pack of organic free-range eggs produced different results depending on cooking method. I do put them in cold water too, though not iced. Must be the cooking bit.

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Interesting. Had I a microwave, I’d give it a shot. And the microwave we have at work, well, it must have a total of like 5 microwatts of power, as cooking up anything takes at least 10 minutes at high. It’s slower than a conventional oven. I suspect it’s defective…

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