No, no, it’s got to be on fire!


I dare someone to put the word ‘coffee’ in colour code.


vBulletin won’t recognize coffee, expresso, or porter as colors.

Seems to.

OK; if you put something other than a standard colour name in an HTML tag (which is what the vB tags have been rendered as, by the time you see them, your browser will (typically) attempt to parse it as a hex RGB value - treating all of the characters that aren’t 0-9/A-F as zeroes, so:

coffee is the same as c0ffee
mud is the same colour as 00d
mangetout is the same colour as 00a00e000
peaches is the same colour as 0eac0e0

That’s browser-dependant. Older versions of Netscape and apparently Internet Explorer attempt to render unrecognized names as hex, but Mozilla and presumably newer versions of Netscape and Firefox will just leave anything other than a recognized color name or a valid six-character hex value as black.

So for Mozilla, both peaches and 0eac0e0 are plain black, but 0eac0e is a green color.