Bomb hostages? Hillary HQ in NH? What IS this sh!t?

More here.

Crazy wingnut, or not crazy, or not wingnut, hope he gets his and neither of the 2 people in there get blown up.

I hate sociopathic fucknuts with deadly weapons, don’t you?

Fuck that. How 'bout more HERE. The last time I clicked a blind link from a contentless OP, it was eight fucking pages of sappy bullshit. Take two fucking minutes and summarize the damn thing, will ya?

Summary: A possibly crazy possible wingnut walked into the Hillary Clinton campaign office in New Hampshire, showed two staffers what he claimed to be a bomb, and took them hostage. The area has been evacuated and the cops have surrounded the building.

Just because you asked, assface. Did I not get across that this is breaking news and not glurge?

Rochester, NH. Hillary Clinton campaign HQ. Guy with some kinda device duct taped to chest comes in, tells everyone to lie down. No demands, no nothing (yet). Lets one woman with baby go.

Block evacuated. Schools locked down. Guy now demands to speak to Hillary.

Apparently around 1PM a man entered the Clinton campaign headquarters in Rochester, NH, and claimed to have a bomb strapped to his chest. Best guess is that there were 3 staffers in the office at the time. The guy let one of the staffers, who had a toddler child with her, go free. The staffer apparently has provided more detail, including that he actually showed them the bomb.

They’ve evacuated the downtown area and the police are in standard surround mode, along with the fire department in case the guy really does blow them all up.

The Dem/liberal blogs are speculating that it’s a crazy right-wingnut and the Repub/conservative blogs (or at least Free Republic) are claiming that it’s all a set-up by the Clinton campaign to make her look like more of a victim.

Personally, I’m inclined to believe the people who think it’s a right-winger, or at least something completely unrelated to Clinton, like a domestic dispute with a staffer. Though domestic disputes rarely involve suicide bombings…

Edited: I hadn’t seen the demands to talk to Clinton when I posted this. Seems to move it out of the “domestic dispute” column.

Non funny joke totally deleted.

Considering that we’re talking about a Clinton, here, I don’t know that we can necessarily rule out domestic dispute.

No, you didn’t.

However, the link works for me.

It could also be a crazy left-wingnut with a hard-on about the War or something.

Regardless of the outcome of this event, political campaigning in America has just changed forever.

I think that happened in 1968, at the Ambassador Hotel.

Yes, you are correct. At the same time, now is a good time to see how the media spins this story as it develops for its own ends, how the political factions in America spin it for their own ends and whether any of it impacts the electorate in the long run. It probably did in 1968 but that is with hindsight. We all have the opportunity now to observe and monitor the changing political landscape — in real time — that was not available in 1968.

Okay, thanks. From the thread title, I thought Hillary was bombing some hostages from her headquarters in New Hampshire. Anyway, if a right-winger did this, he’s an idiot. If a left-winger did it, he’s a lunatic. Either one is a fucktard criminal jackass.

It is New Hampshire: there’s a pretty decent chance it’s a libertarian.:slight_smile:

I think it depends on whether this guy turns out to be a lone lunatic or someone connected to a more organized group. If it’s a lone lunatic, then there will probably be beefed-up security for candidates. If a group, we’ve got a different (and bigger) problem.

The he falls into the fucktard criminal jackass bucket.

It’s now being reported that the man has been recognized (by someone?) as a local known to be mentally disturbed. Apparently this morning he told his son to watch the news today.

Also, a second hostage was released. There’s some discrepancy about how many people were in the office when this began, so it’s not certain whether that leaves the guy in there alone or if there’s another hostage still inside.

Hillary cancelled her speech at the DNC meeting in Virginia when she got news about this situation. Her campaign is saying that they’re following the guidance of law enforcement in dealing with this.

Coulter is gonna have a field day with this, comparing Hillary’s handling of the lone loon with Rudy’s handling of 9-fucking-11.

Hope it turns out well, that no one dies and that this guy is taken safely into custody ASAP. If so, I predict it’ll be a three-day story at most (esp. if he’s mentally disturbed).

Well, Coulter IS a loon, unfortunately not lone.