Bombing IKEA?

Well, isn’t that a lovely good morning. It seems ‘the terrorists’ have now targeted everyone’s favorite Swedish furniture store.

Here in the Netherlands IKEA received a bomb threat yesterday evening and two bombs were actually found in Sliedrecht and Amsterdam. The bomb in Sliedrecht was brought to a police station and detonated, actually injuring (slightly) two bomb squad members. This morning all IKEA stores in the Netherlands were closed.

At the store here in Utrecht they actually found a suspicious package in the garage and detonated it. They are currently searching the building itself. Thanks to this the A12 (one of the major arteries in the Netherlands) was completely closed in both directions during rush hour, stretching my commute from its usual 20 minutes to a mind-numbing hour and ten minutes. In addition the ‘Amsterdam-Rijn Kanal’ was closed to all boating traffic.

Here is a cite.

Now, I can understand being a little miffed at IKEA. I mean, everytime I get something from IKEA, there is always one little screw missing, or one of the parts won’t fit the way it should, or the directions are actually mirror images, etc. But this is no reason to actually bomb the place. You know what this means? If we can’t have our cheap Swedish furniture, the terrorists have already won!

Tired cliché or not…

Band Name!

A certain Dutch moderator was talking about his new IKEA wardrobe in this thread

Seriously, though, it does seem rather odd and more than a little worrying

wow… thats really sad… was any furnature injured?

Nope. Just an empty parking lot in Utrecht that was slightly scorched, and two bomb squad members who received sllight injuries yesterday (according to the Volkskrant: bruises for one, and eye injuries for the other). Then again, can you imagine the mess if a bomb actually exploded inside an IKEA? Just imagine trying to put all those little screws back in the packages they belong to.

Hey, maybe this explains why there’s always one too many or one too few. Hmmmm.

Bombing Ikea!?

That is just unc&#246&#246l!

I would think that bombing would considerably improve the look of Ikea furniture.

maybe if they used a 747 it’d do more damage?

inside out box.

Well, there’s no accounting for taste, is there? I became enamored with IKEA in Germany and have never lost that lovin’ feelin’. Sadly, the closest one is in Chicago.

One false move, and the credenza gets it! :wink:

Personally, I think it’s an idea whose time has come!
(Now why didn’t I think of that??)

Seriously worrying. All that particle board and melamine could make for some nasty shrapnel…

My grandfather shöt a mööse önce…

The person responsible for the subtitles has been sacked.

It seems that one of the evacuated bombs has gone off and injured a police officer.

It’s that mean guy from the commercials! Now he’s gonna tell us we’re crazy.

It’s that mean guy from the commercials, I bet! Now he’s gonna tell us we’re crazy.

Why not try a holiday in Sweden this year?

You’re most welcome. However, the bomb threats were in the Netherlands and according to my morning newspaper they were connected to some blackmail scam.

With how long I have to wait to get my stuff from the pick up at the store in Elizabeth NJ, I can relate to the bombers.