Bon Mot

This made me chuckle so I decided to share it with everyone, whether you want me to or not …

I was handing off a spread sheet to a cow-orker. There was a field I needed to explain to her, but she was heading off to lunch.

Cow-orker:“I don’t have to go to lunch right now.”

Me: “No, no, it can wait. Go eat. Bon Apetit.”

Cow-orker: “Actually, I already ate, so there’s no Apetite to Bone.”

Well, I thought it was funny.

My father was a Crown Attorney and an active PTA member. Once he was asked to give a little talk to grade 4 students about the law.

At question time, one sweet little girl asked, “How many bad people did you catch?”

My Dad said, “I don’t catch them. The police do. I try to prove in court that they broke the law.”

The little girl said, “Why don’t the police prove it? They started it.”

Ya had to be there.

This sounds like you’re birthing a calf :wink:

I was recently at a water park with my 11 year-old niece. We were discussing ways to break the rules and get around the lifeguards (only talking, mind you, not actually going to do it.) So, she said to me, pretending she’d been caught by a lifeguard, “Back off. You don’t know what else I am.”

I laughed and laughed, thinking, “Ninja? Jedi? Telekinetic?”

Ah, young DoZ, you have much to learn, Grasshopper.

If you can snatch this running joke from my hand before some-one explains it, then you have truly reached a state of Zen.

Or something like that.

[hijack] Hi, Jack![/hijack]

So, is it a ripoff, or an homage?

Bon to bone?

I was just writing some documentation today about the variety of servers we have at work and the IDs and passwords our more-naive users need to use.

The first line is:

Can’t see the login for the trees?

(Now to see if my boss will let it stand.)