Bones 9/17

Dog whisperer Cesar Milan shows up–and, of course, so do some dogs.
Also a possum.
And Booth’s son makes a discovery.

So how much longer 'til we find out every recent episode has been a coma-induced hallucination on Booth’s part?

I want to hate Cesar Milan, but I can’t. He is top chihuahua and I love him for it.

I just bawled.

Me too! Thank God. This episode had everything I needed to get back in the groove. Funny moments, awkward Angela/Hodgins, Booth/Bones shipperness, cute puppies and cute Parker and an interestingly offbeat case.

Also Cesar Milan:Excellent dog whisperer, Horrid actor, Orange.

How the heck did I miss Bones!?

I cried, too. WIth all five of my dogs around me.


What about that commercial with the talking dogs, eh? My husband mocked me mercilessly while I cried during it, but it was hardcore, man.

I never want to see that again. Powerful, powerful, gut-wrenching, and heartbreaking, and absolutely brilliant. There was a beautiful message in this show and it wasn’t in-your-face preachy. I hope Brennan adopts a shelter dog.

I muted the talking dog ad because I figured it would just upset me even more than the dogfighting did.

Otherwise…cute bit and some comic relief re: Parker Booth.

I didn’t even think of it until I read some other forums, but not only was Hodgins coping, but Brennan as well. Her entire last speech could have been for Zack, only killing because his master told him to.

Dog fighting? Did they write this episode during the Michael Vick thing and just shelve it until now? This wasn’t much of an improvement over last week, Booth is still acting like he’s had some sort of lobotomy, they’ve all but lost Brennan’s “aloof super genius” role, someone needs to just haul off and punch Hodgens in the mouth, and to top it off the least annoying person on the show last night was Sweets, whom I hate.

One more episode of this shit and I’m done with Bones forever.

Why don’t you just quit now? You aren’t enjoying it, so why torture yourself?

Because I used to really like this show, and would hate to miss it if they turned a corner and went back to non-suckatude.

The dog fighting episode may have been suggested by/for Emily Deschanel, who is a vegan and a big supporter of animal rights.

Actually, I thought it was in-your-face preachy, but justifiably so, given the subject matter.

And I cried along with everyone else.

Was anyone else amused by the “magic” Cesar worked on all those barking dogs at once with ONE “Hey. SHHHHH?” :smiley:

I need someone to pick up and carry around like a monkey. Volunteers?

I’m sorry the old guy intern was a one episode deal. They could get a lot of mileage out of the character.

I am, too. He wasn’t nearly as annoying as the one last week, and, as a fat, old, know-it-all, the world needs more TV shows about fat, old, know-it-alls. There’s too much concentration on young and attractive people with good personalities.

“I didn’t sell you that car. You bought it. I tried to show you under the hood but you were too busy sitting behind the steering wheel and making vroom-vroom noises.”

Ah, the wisdom that comes with age!

I immediately had a “where have I seen that guy?” reaction to the actor (Michael Badalucco). I was surprised that, of all the bit parts & TV cameos he’s done, I think I’ve only seen him in one role: Baby-Face Nelson in O Brother Where Art Thou.