Bonnie Hunt has a new sitcom, or third time's the charm

A few questions are in order:

  1. Is David Letterman behind this, like he was her last two failed attempts?

  2. How many chances will she get to succeed? (I actually think she’s funny in a very old-fashioned way)

  3. Is she Letterman’s SNB*?

*Special naked buddy

I don’t know, but I’ll be hers.

I saw her in person for the first time at a special event ABC held at Disneyland a couple weeks ago. Frankly, she’s hot. I always thuoght she looked kind of plain on TV, but she has either beautified in the time since her last show or she simply looks better in person.

I don’t believe Letterman is involved. At IMDb, Touchstone Television (aka Disney) is the only production company listed. Worldwide Pants is not.

I still treasure a wonderful moment from her 1995 sitcom, which included candid interviews with “real” people. Bonnie was interviewing a roomful of teeny little schoolchildren:

Bonnie: What’s your favorite music? What do you like to listen to?
Girl 1: Madonna!
Boy 1: Christmas songs!
Boy 2: Ethel Merman!

Later, same kids:

Bonnie: Who’s the toughest superhero?
Girl 1: Superman!
Boy 1: Batman!
Boy 2: Ethel Merman!

Still cracks me up . . . I think we all know where Boy 2 is heading.

Third time’s a charm? So what does a fifth time signify?

‘Grand’ (Jan-Dec 1990)
‘Davis Rules’ (Jan 1991- Jul 1992)
‘The Building’ (Aug-Sep 1993)
‘The Bonnie Hunt Show’ (Sep 1995- Apr 1996)
‘Life with Bonnie’ (2002)

That’s a lot of at-bats for someone no one’s ever heard of.

Both of Bonnie Hunt’s first two sitcoms had the same problem: people ran around talking very fast and very long but never got around to saying anything funny. This is not good in what’s supposed to be a sitcom.

The ads I’ve seem make this new one look more like a regular sitcom. Normally, this would be the kiss of death for me, but in Bonnie’s case it may actually be an improvement. If she can give the form a slight twist rather than trying to remake it (with nothing new to say) she might last longer this time.

Every time I see one of the ads for her new show, I think, “We’re walking . . . we’re walking . . . and we’re stopping.” :smiley: Cute bit part.

I liked “Grand” which also featured one of the Murray brothers.

Is she the female Brian Doyle-Murray?

The IMDB says that Bonnie Hunt has been married since 1988 to a man named John Murphy.

No one’s ever heard of? Anybody who’s a regular viewer of David Letterman’s show has heard of her. And is probably a fan, too, since she does so well as a guest on that show.

To me she seems like one of those people who’s incredibly interesting and funny when you deal with her personally, but that doesn’t translate into carrying a whole show. She seems to be more “engaging” than outright “funny.” I wonder if she’d do better with a talk show format, or something else that’s more personality-driven than a sitcom – like “It’s Garry Shandling’s Show” for instance.

Still, I’m really looking forward to “Life with Bonnie,” even though I’m not expecting it to be life-changing TV or anything. I think she’s great and will watch her in just about anything.

And I doubt that her on-show rapport with Letterman is anything more than that they’re friends in real life. Although, I could of course be wrong – I had no idea that he and Terri Garr were married until a few years ago.

Letterman married to Teri Garr? When was that? His IMDb biography only lists a marriage to Michelle Cook, ending in divorce in 1977.

He’s joked about it, but that doesn’t make him married (and divorced) from Garr any more than Jon Lovitz is married to Morgan Fairchilde.

Teri Garr’s IMDb entry lists a brief 1990s marriage to John O’Neil.

Unless I got completely whooshed, it was mentioned in a Rolling Stone article about/interview with Letterman. I suppose it could’ve been a joke, but it was definitely written as if the author believed it (so the joke was on him, as well). It said their brief, private marriage ended around the time of the episode that was filmed in Dave’s office (when Dave was trying to get her to take a shower on camera). I remember being surprised when I read that; I’d always thought they just had a really good rapport on the show.

I wish I could give a cite of the issue in question; I know that it was already a relatively old issue when I read it a couple of years ago (it was in a bunch of magazines that I “inherited”).

I just looked up her info on IMDb. This whole time, I thought you were talking about Bonnie Franklin, from One Day at a Time :o

You know for me she’s always kinda disappeared into that Helen Hunt/Bonnie Hunt/Holly Hunter black hole of actresses. I always have to think real hard to seperate them into seperate ladies.

Holly Hunter’s the one with the southern accent.