Will "The Bonnie Hunt Show" last its premiere?

I think that the show trailers are pitiable. She is cracking up because the wind is blowing in her face…and that’s the stimulus for laughter (hers). She’s probably still laughing about it right now, during the midnight hours, and calling her family and telling them of the hilarious display of nature, and its effect on her hair.

I think it will last about one half an hour, and it will be pulled and replaced with “My Mother the Car” reruns.

If you have been forced to watch the previews, as was I, tell me your opinion.


I’ve seen the trailers, but, Who the Hell is Bonnie Hunt?!

Superstar of Chicago comedy, and always been considered a connoisseur’s comedienne; her previous series have failed, while being universally loved by critics. She’s way, way less famous than she deserves to be.

From Wiki:

Emphasis mine; point being, she’s always been more interested in pushing the envelope than fitting into a round hole.

I bet she’s kicking herself for turning down “Mad About You.”

How much did Helen Hunt make per episode towards the end?

Um, I love Bonnie Hunt, but I have to admit I had no idea she had a new show. What network is it on?

But Bonnie is much, much cuter.

And chemistry is a tricky thing. Maybe Mad About You wouldn’t have worked with her in that role.

I admit to loving her too,
she is just soooooooooooo yummy.


Ugh. I didn’t like Life With Bonnie at all. David Alan Grier was annoying as hell and it seemed like every episode consisted of Bonnie looking around her at the madcap hijinks with a slightly befuddled and amused look. I hope this new show is better.
(And you could totally tell when she was ad-libbing.)

I had to google to make sure it was the same Bonnie Hunt I was thinking of. It seems like in everything I’ve seen her in, she’s playing second banana to at least one or two more prominent actors, or in some cases a St. Bernard. It’s like hearing that Charles Grodin is getting his own show, or Marica Strassman.

All the commercials I’ve seen for it have been completely unfunny, and didn’t even hit the “vaguely amusing” mark. If those are any indication of how her show is going to be, I won’t be able to change the channel fast enough if I come across it while channel surfing.

I like Bonnie Hunt as an actress, but her two (or is it three) previous sitcoms each had exactly the same flaw. If people spoke lots and lots of dialog incredibly quickly, that made it funny, even if it wasn’t. And it wasn’t the vast majority of the time. But there was lots of it.

If she tries it again, it wil fail again.

I agree with lissener.

The world’s ending, isn’t it?

I kinda know. It’s the one with Sopranos reruns on it. A and E???

Also, the humor seems like slapstick directly from the sixties. Her mother: Just don’t talk about S-E-X!

Ha, ha, ha. That was real funny when Johnny Carson did it in 66, and when the Smothers Brothers did it in 67, or whenever, but it lost its appeal to me, since then.