Bonnie Hunt 1/7/02 Shame on you!

Re: Bonnie Hunt Show 1/7/02.

Dear Ms Hunt:

Every decent sitcom has a “book” of all the standard plot devices used by sitcoms going back to the '50s. They use this book to avoid using trite, hackney, overused plots. In the case of your show on 1/7, however, you have misused the book to write an episode. The “Person X has lied to person Y about their job/status and all of person X’s friends have to go along with the lie” was already a lame, pathetic plot device by the time they got around to using it in McHale’s Navy.

I will assume that therefore, future episodes of this and future shows of yours will also be stale, unoriginal, and unfunny and I will not watch them.


FTR, it’s 1/7/03. I know, it’s easy to write it wrong, I do it all the time. Just thought I’d point it out.

From: The Producers of “Life With Bonnie” :wink:
Date: 01/08/03
RE: Your complaint

Dear Sir/Madam:

Firstly, you seem to have confused our production with a “decent” sitcom. We assure you we are nothing of the sort.

Ours is a perpetual quest, forever grinding out sub-mediocre shite for the purpose of wasting the time of whatever poor souls get bamboozled into falling into our spiraling vortex of sucktion. I would tell you that it is a lonely pursuit, but you and I both know that is a damnable lie. We are the people that lower the bar for future generations, ensuring that more and more talentless hacks can find gainful employment (and union membership) in the entertainment industry. In the immortal words of Patti Smith, “This is the age where everyone creates”.

To which we add, “badly…”.

If this kind of thing is your cup of tea, feel free to visit our other nexi of life-sucking pain, such as “Reba”, “The Gilmore Girls” and “Yes, Dear”.

Respectfully yours,

Dewey Sucubet
100% Certified Real Hollywood Producer

P.S. If you happen across a copy of this “Book”, would you be a dear and pass it along? You’ve got us all a-twitter at the prospect of what hackneyed dross we might have missed.