We love "Lie with Bonnie"

Me and my wife love “Life with Bonnie”. We have decided that we will endure that awful show with Kelly Ripa just to see Bonnie. Everyone on it is funny even the cute kids and the writing is great. Last week when Tony Russo was killing “dead air” talking about his gig elsewhere, he said, “There’s a five drink minimum, so come on out and get liquored up.” I literally laughed until I passed out. My wife thought I had a stroke. I’m laughing about it Tusday morning.

Lie with Bonnie? I wouldn’t mind that at all. :slight_smile:

All I remember are seeing commercials for some of the early episodes and some of those jokes were so unfunny they were almost embarrassing.

Have there been improvements to the show since it started?

Yes there have. The show is inconsistent, but that’s part of its charm. I’m bugged by the way Samantha was simply written out without any sort of explanation, though.


Improv is wildly unpredictable. At its best, it’s spontaneous and totally in the moment. At it’s worst, it’s a waste of time. The episodes I’ve seen have both types in them.

Are they still doing improv? Thart’s why I gave up on it after a couple of episodes.

Dear Miss Hunt: You are an “actress.” “Writers” are the people who supply the words you are supposed to say. Please stop confusing the two.

You know what they say: Fifth time’s a charm.