boobs... a good ratings ploy??

well with sweeps weeks coming up, i think that we should be prepared to see boobs. but do boobs get that good of ratings? they aparentally kept the xfl afloat for a small about of time, and the playmate fear factor was a success because of them, but how much ratings can really be pulled down by a couple sets of mammories??

I like 'em.

usually works for me! :smiley:

Boobs may bring me but definately wont keep me.

Hi All!
I have to agree with Osiris on this one:)

     Rich in Seattle

Boobs? Where?
Oh, no boobs here…

::Lumbers off::

As opposed to the Mensa candidates they usually have on the air?

Oh, that kind. Okay.

Well, considering just seeing the word “boobs” drew me into this thread, I’d have to quote gatopescado when he said: “works for me.”

I feel so cheap.


Yeah, based on the view count on this thread, I think there’s something to the idea of boobs as eye-magnets.

Yes, eyes and boobs are mysteriously drawn to each other…it’s part of the magical mystery of life…I’d love to see a Disney style movie where when the hero and his future wife meet for the first time, she gazes lovingly into his eyes while he stares at her animated chest. It woudl be refreshing and somewhat more realistic.

All well and good, but if they want ratings what about the approximately 50% of the audience (straight women and gay men) who remain unmoved at the sight of breasts? What are they going to do for us?

It better be as good as boobs.

I just saw Christina Ricci’s boobs on Ally McBeal and I was glued to the TV…she’s so prudy…sigh


Manboobs don’t work for ya?

Wow, I haven’t watched TV for a loooong time. Do they show bare female boobs on tv now?