Boobs or cats?

In my cursory observation, it appears as though any thread with “cat” or “boobs” in it will get a huge number of Replies and Views.

I’m too lazy to do any research and counts. Which do you think will get the most response, boobs or cats?

Oh, yeah, I know: “Cats with huge boobs.”

Once again today I am asked ‘boobs or cats’. And once again I must respond ‘Boobs. By a long shot.’

Of course right here you’ve made a thread that will have tons of replies.

There’s a book (a collection of humorous essays by Alan Coren) called Golfing for Cats that was so named for this exact reason.

It’s bright red with a big swastika on the cover.

Fie Sir, you beat me to it!


Why is it that when I see something really cute, like cats or boobs, I have an overwhelming urge to put them in my mouth and bite them, or just crush them up against me? has it covered: Cats 'n Racks

By george, I think he’s got it!

(Work safe, but barely.)


Ooh, ya beat me to it!

What about Nazis?

Cats. I mean boobs. Boobs. Yeah definitely boobs.

I don’t like cats too much.

titties + boobs = toobs?

Er. That’s supposed to be titties + cats = tats?

Obviously, one can’t have enough of a good thing.

And there are places where you can trade those for tits on a one-for-one basis.


Kitties with Titties?

Yep – gotta vote for boobs.

No no no! You said “cats!”

Oh all right, fine. You’re lucky we’re church of England.

Magnificient Obsessions :rolleyes:

I can’t believe I’m the first one to mention this:

With a question between boobs or pussies, I would have to go with pussies. Like, duh!

But with the OP’s question, I would definitely side with boobs.

Like, duh!

Every time I have sex with my girlfriend Irena, she turns into a cat and has to kill someone to get back to human form.

:dubious: What the fuck is that all about?