Book recommendation: Harbor

I didn’t want to put this in the current “What are you reading” thread because I highly recommend this book and thought it might get glossed over there.

Some of you may be aware of it as it came out in 2008 and is by John Ajvide Lindqvist - the author of Let the Right One In. I know a lot of people here enjoyed that movie though I don’t recall what people were saying about the book.

Mr. Lindqvist has been referred to as "Sweden’s Stephen King"and a more apt comparison could not be made. That’s another reason why I wanted to give this it’s own thread; I know there are a lot of King fans here and reading this has made me feel the same way I did when reading his earlier stuff. Like many of Mr. King’s stories the setting and the characters are of the every day variety. In this case the setting is the Stockholm Archipelago and the landscape and indeed the sea itself are as important characters as the people. The story starts with a couple and their young daughter on an afternoon outing where the daughter seemingly vanishes into thin air. The rest of the book is about the father trying to solve the mystery while living in the small island town where he grew up, all the while weaving in the histories of various town folk and how they are all tied together by the mysterious powers of the ocean(there’s a considerable shout out to The Smith’s that fans will get a kick out of).

Obviously I’m not a book reviewer so I know I’m not doing it justice but I have gotten some great book and movie recommendations from you all and I really felt moved by this book to share it with you.

If anyone *has *read it I’d love to hear what you think.