Book swapping?

I’m rearranging all of the bookshelves, so I’m finding books I’d be happy to trade for others, if I can find anyone interested.

Anybody want to do some book swapping? My titles would be mostly Star Trek, mystery, fantasy, and romance. I’d be hoping for Star Trek, mystery, and fantasy. (I hate romance, but my sister gives me her books.) I’ll happily provide a list if anyone ends up interested.

And, of course, this thread is open to anyone with books to trade, whether they want my poor, unloved books or not. sob

At the risk of being a junior mod… JS, did you seek permission to do this swap? (Sorry, I know it is unbecomming to be this way.) That said…

I have tons of books that I would be willing to send to someone, just for the cost of shipping. No need to exchange. I would just be happy someone was reading them.

i’m interested. i do have some i could set free.

No mod action yet, so maybe this is okay to do.

In one of my on-line book groups, we do a chain letter/box of books. One person packs up a box, ships it to the next person, who takes out and replaces books, then on to the next person. There’s an element of surprise, since you don’t know what’s in the box, but so far everyone’s been happy.

I’m not sure how that would work here, since not everyone wants their e-mail addys known.

I’ve recently traded for James Morrow and Tim Powers titles, at no cost to me except mailing (and the books I traded, which were just taking up space). This was done via boards that have book swap forums.

If you can’t find anyone who wants your books, you might check out It’s free to join (for now, anyway) and you just type in your ISBN numbers and wait for someone to request one of your books. Every time you mail one out you get a credit that you can then use to request a book from someone else. I really like it, as I live in Hooterville and there’s no good used bookstore near me where I can unload/pick up used books.

I would be happy to send you all my old Star Trek books. They are all TOS from the 80’s. If you want to send back some Fantasy books that would be fine or you could just have the Star Trek books, they deserve a better home than buried behind a bunch of Zelazny books. :wink:

My Email is public, let me know, if you are interested I will even inventory them and you can let me know which ones you want.