Book Titles We'd Like To See ( with a respectful nod to MAD Magazine....)

Here’s just a few. Feel free to add all you like !!!

**Transcendental Mastication: Getting the most from your Out of Mouth Experience.

Hump: Sand, Silt, Scorpions and Sunburn. A Camel’s Lot In Life.

How To Start An Ice Cube Collection.**



I wrote a short story called Clifford and the Rabies Virus about two years ago. I’d like to see a real one out there, though.

*Gone With The Wind–Fart Jokes Of The 21st Century

My Hovercraft Is Full Of Heels–The Past, Present, And Future Of Shoemaking

The Stand–Stephen King’s Furniture In Photos

*Stick A Fork In Me, I’m Donne – a compilation *

and it’s sequel,

Holy Sonnets, Batman!

Much Ado About Ham-Hocks --the plays & poetry of Billy Carter

President 527304: The Inside Story of the Clinton Treason Conviction

Astroglide, Vaseline, and Toothpaste: A Beginner’s Guide to Masturbation.

Swindled: The Story of the Internet Pyramid Scheme That Wiped Out Bill Gates’ Wealth

How to Avoid Pissing off Your Friends with Annoying Forwarded E-mails

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Getting the Fuck Out of the Passing Lane

Ranting for the 65th Time (I can’t believe you guys are still buying these crappy recycled monologues) by Dennis Miller

The Dirty Sanchez (prequel to The Kama Sutra)
Now for some suggestions for Cecil’s next book title…

Bride of The Straight Dope
The Straight Dope Goes to Monte Carlo
The Straight Dope: Wrath of Concrete
The Straight Dope: Let’s Blame Everything on “Little Ed”
The Straight Dope Gets Wacky on Billy Beer

Since he just signed a book deal, I’m hoping it’s something like “How to Pick Up Chicks” by Bill Clinton or maybe “1001 Recipes using Fried Dough”

Curious George and the CO2 Laser

Kama Sutra - Revised and Updated!

Harry Potter and the Mystical Bag of Hallucinogenic Mushrooms