What book titles will you never see? (But would like to)

My suggestions are
An Idiot’s Guide to Weapons of Mass Destruction
Neurosurgery for Dummies

Any other suggestions?

Sgt Schwartz

14 K of G in a FPD by Dan Brown

My husband and I were amusing ourselves in a grocery store checkout line once and came up with Ventriloquism for Dummies, Dressmaking for Dummies, and Crash-Testing for Dummies.

The Random Order White Pages (Alphabetical Order is for Pussys!)
Psllengi rof Lysedxics
Bubba and Billy Bob’s Definitive Guide to Kabuki Theatre
Steven Hawkings Guide to Fitness through Running

Bomb Disposal Made Easy

1001 Extremely Fussy recipes --(now with more impossible to find ingredients!)

Sorry, I saw that one at B&N just yesterday.

How about If We Did It by Julius and Ethel Rosenberg.

And Pecked Off Her Nose, the final installment in the Agatha Chrisite series

Altar Boys’ Guide To Sodomy

Teach your kitten quantum mechanics

My Life as Satan’s Right Hand Man by Carl Rove
My Presidency Was a Mistake, and I Apologize to Everyone by George W. Bush
How to Pick Up Women by Bill Clinton

“Stop the War Now” by Tony Blair

“Yes, Of Course I Was Elected” by Gordon Brown.

“On Civility and Moderating One’s Language” by Gordon Ramsey.

That is just plain :smiley: !

After spending too much time in the latest JFK Assassination thread I find myself longing for something like I Lied Through My Teeth by Mark Lane, but that will never happen. Lemme see. . . .
Obedience for Cats
Politics as Public Service
Serene Modesty by Paris Hilton
Be Your Own Man by Ed Zotti
There goes my subscription.

(never mind.)

Cooking For Absolute Morons (with an infinitesmall comprehension of cooking utensils and no patience for running to obscure stories in East Delhi for ingredients)

FWIW, the bookstore I work in has pretty much an entire section on this very topic. Then again, East Delhi is a longer trip from here.

Psychic Self Defense: a practical guide

My Big Fat Greek Wedding by Jackie O

Better Living Through Death by Richard Feynman.

Appeal For Clemency by Kim Jong-il. (Not a book, but a document delivered to a markedly unimpressed World Court.)

Last Request by Fidel Castro. (Again, not quite in the book genre.)

The Small Business Guide to Successful Tax Evasion
The Busy Traveller’s Guide to Circumventing Airport Security
A Social Guide to Islamabad by Salman Rushdie
Why You Will Never Be Rich: The Wealthy Are Just Better Than You, Pauper Scum By Bill Gates and Warren Buffet

When Loompanics was still in business they had an entire section of books devoted to this very subject.

I had no idea Loompanics was closed. I got my now-battered copy of the Principia Discordia through them. Shame, that.