Booker57 - Apologize to Euty

From: Message from the Moderator, wherein Eutychus55 notes that Board cleanup is required:

Such a small number of words…and such a snide thing to say with them.

This is a really shitty way to ask that some special consideration be given to the posts of WallyM7.

This sentence of 11 words is really crude, mean, and a slight to Euty. I invite you to defend your statement.

And I will put a second question to you, that will likely explode the entire Board in flames and set the Halon system off at the Chicago Reader:

Are any and all of any poster’s posts inviolate, from here to eternity? No matter how trivial, how innane, how pointless? If WallyM7 or anyone else posts 13 “sig tests” in ATMB, should they all be saved? Why? Does that capture the spirit and bright life that he put into his posts? Of course not.

You do realize this is just a Web Board, right? At little to no notice, this entire Board could cease to exist, should the Chicago Reader tire of supporting it, you know.

Here’s a thought - I would suggest that if you have very old posts by a poster you love and admire, save them to disk. I don’t assume that anything I read here, no matter how worthy the author or how astute the post will stay forever.

Anyhow. I invite you to defend your tone and words, or apologize.

Crips, Anthracite let up will ya? Lately you go after a different poster every few days. Earlier this week it was Opal, now it’s someone else. Euty is a big boy. I don’t think he would get offended by that kind of remark and it’s hardly up to you to demand an apology for someone else. I don’t recall anyone nominating you for board monitor. You are making a big deal out of nothing. Lighten up and enjoy the board for what it is as you so fondly pointed out in your OP.

Ì’m with ultress on this one. I’m sure Booker meant no harm - and I’m sure no one will be upset if Wally’s post count drops because some of his posts disappear (if you pay attention: it’s happened before). Don’t worry, I’m sure Euty isn’t going to cut the real classics.

I don’t see that he has a single thing to apologize for in his post.

Really? Is this really an acceptable way to respond to Euty’s question?

Asking if someone is “smart enough” to do what you request is not a polite way to do get your point across in my book.

You are assuming that because this is in the Pit that it must therefore be a “Big Deal”. No, it is not. But it did not belong in the thread in MPSIMS. I’m trying to follow Board policy here. Not everything in the Pit has to be a thermonulcear flame. Look at my OP - I did not resort to ad hominem attacks, slurs, denigration, and the only cursing is the word “shitty”.

And ultress? Why am I not surprised to see you poking your head in? If you really want to go over exactly how I “went after” poor, defenseless opal, well, start a new thread. Otherwise, stay on topic.

Speaking of “poking your head in,” isn’t that exactly what you’re doing now? If there is any conflict at all, wouldn’t it be between the moderator and the poster? I can understand how someone might be offended by Booker57’s comment, but I don’t think it’s safe to assume she or he was trying to piss off a moderator.

And we are talking about a Moderator here. This isn’t someone who’s not used to people insulting him. If he read Booker57’s comment and felt insulted, it would be incumbent upon him to reply in kind, not yours. (And we know moderators won’t shy away from telling you you’re an ass if they believe it!)

I won’t speak for Booker57. I have no idea what his intentions were or what kind of a person he or she is. But given the one-sentence post, I would be loathe to assume the worst about them. For me, assuming he or she meant to insult Euty based on such a short post would be the pinnacle of ignorance.

Geesh, I thought this was a message board, where you are supposed to post to threads. Yes I did ‘poke’ my head in, as I did with most of the threads in The Pit. You made a statement, I posted to it, as I would have any other Doper that posted such a message. Don’t give yourself too much credit. I only post when I feel I have something worthwhile to post, not because it was you that started the thread. Don’t be so paranoid just because people don’t agree with you. I made my statement, I consider this one finished.

The phrasing of Bookers57 response was pretty impolite and Euty did ask that responses on threads to retain be sent by E-mail.

But Euty did ask for feedback.

If some people want to preserve WallyM46 posts, I see no reason for them not to express that opinion.


Ned to preview first

And thus you would say that you are poking your head in, into a thread not directed at you, and so on, and so forth. “Poking your head in” was a poor choice of words on my part. Unlike opal and ultress, I do make mistakes. This was one of them - I had an emotion to convey to her, but did not convey it properly.

It is ironic that ultress does her quasi-sarcastic thing about “Geesh, I thought this was a message board…”, considering a past thread where someone else asked me essentially “not to question opal” when she posted here. But then, I don’t think ultress has ever had one kind word to say about me, or most people for that matter, regardless of the circumstance. How sad for her. And people think I’m mean.

True, and true. But Euty is a friend, and the post seemed especially snide. And because they are Moderators, does that mean we should be more accepting of abuse to them? I guess so, if I see where people are going with this. Fine.

I did not “assume the worst about them”. I said it was a very poorly phrased post, that was snide and a slight and shitty etc. I did not say one negative word about the poster themselves. Important, critical difference, that people are continuing to gloss over here. Thus, I hope I have not yet scaled Mount Ignorance (heh…always wanted to say that in a thread :slight_smile: )

You know what, never mind. I’m sorry I even tried. I could have done this in MPSIMS, but I thought it wasn’t right. I could have ignored it, but I thought it was an obviously snide thing to say to someone I like so much. I thought Moderators were no less deserving of courtesy than others here. This could have been like most Pit posts, where someone engages in endless, multi-page ad hominem attacks against a person, and not their words. I guess no one really cares. Well, fuck it.

Any Kind Moderator - please close (and delete, if you care to) this shambling atrocity of a thread for me.

Actually, I thought Booker’s response was pretty snide and deserved an explanation, even if only, “I had far too much coffee and was feeling agitated.”

But at the request of the OP, I’ll close this thread, and let any future discussion of the events be done between Euty and Booker themselves, hopefully over e-mail.