Euty, you ass!

Sorry, I was just feeling jealous about everyone else’s Pit threads.


Euty, you are laughable, and I fart in your general direction.
Feel better?

Moderator, ban thyself!

[sub]I’ve been waiting so long to use that line.[/sub]

:rolleyes: You’re a waste of photons on my screen. I bite my thumb at thee.

Slow night in the Ocean State I guess.

Can I borrow your moderator hat for a minute please, Euty? I have a few personal vendettas that I want to settle. I promise to bring it back when I’m finished.

Except…Moderators don’t ban people - Administrators do - so he can’t.

…Nah. Too easy.

Could somebody lend this fool a wife to brag about his shagging abilities and defend him from the naysayers?

So I’ve been told.

[insert heated rant at OP here]

Sorry, Euty, I’m too tired to give you a proper rant. Maybe the next poster will blast you good, eh?

Euty, you too?

Sheesh, I was hoping someone would throw a “babykiller” or “warmongrel” my way or something. . . :rolleyes:

Slow night in North Dakota, too. But then again, when isn’t it?

Euty, I’ve just about had it with you. Just who the fuck do you think you are? You sit there in your big fancy moderator hat, looking smug, reading the forums, being a nice guy, being polite… oh wait… never mind.

Don’t confuse the issue with facts.

You’re pitting yourself for being jealous? What kind of a way is that to run a message board? If I was you, I’d be really upset with you, and report your post to you, and then I’d give yourself a stern warning. Of course you’d probably snap back at yourself and then you’d have to warn you again and then you’d risk your account, so maybe you should send you an e-mail or something and not let you see it, just work it out between yourself.

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What next, Buck The Diver? Euty Millionaire? Some other mod-themed reality show on FOX?

Wow, that comment was pretty low, Buck, even in light of what Euty did…er…what? Oh. wanders out of thread looking confused

Tonight On FOX: