Coldfire is an oppressive Nazi mod outside his own forum!!

You did ask for it. Please don’t ban me.

I’m getting the impression that you have a pretty messed up view of what a moderators job is like.

Therefore, I’ll leave this thread open. Any other Pitizen can use it as they see fit. Hint: I don’t consider this humourous. Not one bit.

I think that the majority of posters (okay, not the majority but a good chunk of them) are pretty damn lucky that I’m not an admin. You’re one of them, cooldude.

Amen to that silver.

If they ban cooldood he will be back before you can say …
well anything. In fact, he may already be “back”.
Look around.

Maybe as “cooldood”? Haven’t been banned yet (looking over my shoulder).

Give it time, man. Give it time.

Can you give me a good reason NOT to ban you? Particularly after that little incident in General Questions last week…

I was in chat when all of the locking and deleting was going on. Coldy jokingly responded to one of my posts using terminology similar to that quoted in the subject line.

I jokingly commented in chat that I should start a thread with that title (to match the various other thread titles which were cropping up at the time). Clearly, the fact that I didn’t start such a thread title doesn’t mean that someone didn’t take my comment seriously.

So apologies to both Coldy and Lynn if my comment was in some way responsible for this thread. :frowning:

The things I could do with Lynn’s power! Oh, how much fun I could have! :slight_smile:

Anyway, La King, I’d ban all his bastard socks too, if that’s what you mean. I’ve got time, I’m here all day. (Yes, I’m a loser. I’ve been recently informed of this.) Sadly, this is but a dream for I will never be… administrator.

What’s with the sudden vendetta against the Coldster?

Jeez, he’s shown admirable restraint with all the nonsense that’s been going on around here the past couple of days.

::ducks under nearby canopy, as trolls rain down incessantly from a lowering sky::

I wonder if Mr. Dude even knows what a Nazi IS, aside from a funny-sounding word used in a couple Seinfeld episodes. Based on his ignorant blatherings which seem to gratuitously toss the word in at random, I’d have to say “no”.

Unless he’s a bigger asshole than even I though… and believe me, if I though him to be any bigger of an asshole, he’d have his own gravity well.

As reprise said. It was meant as a joke, in reference to another post. This is still the pit. Everyone, including me, gets burned. I have no beef with you coldfire. I certainly did not intend to piss you off.

Lynn, beyond calling Manhattan what I did, my disagreement with his style of enforcement (attacking every petty infraction) was in my view legitimate. I have nothing personal against him. I have been with this message board for quite some time and I have not been a problem or had a problem with this board, but I should be able to say what I feel. E-mail me if you feel like discussing this further.

Hmmm… Calling a Dutch person a Nazi… yes, yes i can see how funny that would be.

Especally after all the Dutch murdered in cold blood by the Nazi’s, too, yeah i get a real kick outta that, though it’d be way funnier if he was Jewish… ohhh yeah i’m laughin now, yeah, Nazi’s are funny people…

Fry in hell fucker.

[sub]pop your head in to the boards for 10 minutes and you spot something like this, jebus… i’m gone again[/sub]

Because they’re jealous of his Clog-sized penis.

Well, long as it’s not clog-shaped, I guess I can deal with the image…

Wow, if this is cooldude’s idea of a joke…

But insidehis own forum he’s just a big ol’ teddy bear.

In my experience Coldfire can be considered nothing but courteous and helpful, either in or out of his forum, and if you believe otherwise, the problems probably with you.
(not sucking up Coldfire, just relating what I’ve seen)

What? Coldy has a clogged penis?

It was in GQ. It was not legitimate. If your disagreement WAS legit, it’d have been in the Pit.