Fuck off, WallyM7!

I just about had it with you, really!

I didn’t (almost) mind you posting your idiotic corolaries in Forums like the Pit, or MPSIMS, but for the love of Mother Nature, please leave the others alone!

All you do is stalk people, add stupid little comments interrupting the subject being discussed, flirt (very pathetically, BTW) with all the girls here, throw in “flames” whenever you feel obligated (as if YOU, of all people, were going to teach US some lesson, or something!), show up to support or “defend” your buddies, but so far, you haven’t contributed one single thing to the SD!

Last I checked, you had posted 390 times in less than a month, and not even 2% of your posts contain more than 50 intelligently presented words!

Why do you keep “moderating”?

Do us all a favor, and check the Rules of this Board. And if you’re too lazy to do it, here you have:

“We have one basic rule: Don’t be a jerk.”
Don’t be a jerk.
Don’t be a jerk.
Don’t be a jerk.
Don’t be a jerk.
Don’t be a jerk.

Repeat it a million times, and STOP BEING A JERK!

Confine yourself to the forums where you belong, and if you have nothing intelligent to say, SHUT YOUR PUTRID MOUTH OFF!

¡Ya deja de pendejear! Fuck off!

Men will cease to commit atrocities only when they cease to believe absurdities.

Thank you for your fatherly advice.

Perhaps it would be better if I submit future posts to you for editing.

I’ve obviously ticked you off to no end. If the majority off the people who respond to this are in agreement with you, I will leave the board. You have my word on it.

As an aside, if you think that this board should be made up only of people that you approve of, I feel sorry for you. You must think boredom is a virtue.

Millions long for immortality, yet don’t know what to do with themselves on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

E1, I don’t know about your problems w/ Wally, but I, for the most part, enjoy and appreciate his presence and wit (especially since mr. john seems to have gone). I have disagreed w/ him on occasion, but have never found him to “be a jerk” (insensitive perhaps, but…)

Wally, If we’re taking a vote, I for you staying.

I**'m** for you…

Its late/early. Cut me some slack.

Leave? Why should Wally leave? It’s not like he’s the only poster to specialize in one liners. That’s an art form, and Wally hits more often than he misses.

Hell, he tried to shut down my thread, and I want him to stay! :wink:

Ummm.it’s early, and I’m at work; I really can’t think of much else to add.

Except…Since when did irrelevence become a crime?

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

OK, I admit Wally is a tramp. And he does have a blonde moment every now and then. But don’t we all ?

I vote we keep him.

Ayesha - Lioness

I’m out of my mind, but,
feel free to leave a message

Skeptic, you are one of my favorite posters, you are thoughtful and decent…that is why I love you…Wally is a flirt and a jokester, and if he adds nothing ‘deep’… great! We have lots of ‘deep’ posters here…sometimes a little levity is called for.

Wally if you leave, I will be forever angry with you.

I am very disapointed today…all my favorite posters are fighting…C#3 is fighting with Daniel…now E1Skeptic and wally.

Someone once compared the pit to a snowball fight for adults, and I have held that definition close to my heart as we often need to have a snowball fight (even if its only with words) Just to drop the tension of the daily grind. I dont get that jovial feeling in these recent challenges by Skeptic and C#3…this makes me very sad. You people have become quite dear to me, and this type of behavior makes me dread coming to the dope at all…

I am not getting involved in this stuff any further.


You’ve got to lighten up, hon! If you get this crazed over something this unobtrusive, how will you react to a REAL problem?

Just remember to say, “Oh, yeah, make that a decaf.” :)!

“Lighten up”? This is the Pit, hon. Trust me, we could use some more charred remains here. Although I’d personally put many many people ahead of Wally.

I agree E1…almost all of Wally’s posts are “stupid little comments” or “kissy-kissy” shit. He’s MPSIMS material all the way… He’s WAY out of his league in Great Debates and the Pit though…the boy needs to learn his limits…

Lately, he has been attempting to displace Slythe as my pet troll in Great Debates. Sorry Wallster, I’ve only room for one pet troll. More than that gets monotonous and besides, Slythe appears to be the smarter of the two of you. I’d let him do the C#3 trolling and stalking from now on…he’s much more experienced and he really doesn’t need your help.

Contestant #3

WallyM7: First of all, I never said that I wanted you to leave, I said FUCK OFF!

If you could at least post something that is intelligent, and relevant to the topic at hand, I’d have no problem at all with you (and some others). This IS The Pit, and I can rant as much as I want… HERE.

This is not fatherly advice, you moron. If you had 10% of my son’s intelligence maybe I would consider giving you advice. And what about yourself? In another thread, John gives some very harsh “advice” (he called it a “sermon”) to a newbie, and you supported it. You can give but you can not take? Geez! How old are you?

Thanks, but no thanks. I don’t edit bullshit.

What, you can’t take one little rant from me? Aren’t you a GOOD fighter? Are you going to leave the Board just because little E1skeptic gave you some “fatherly advice”? Do you need your friends to come and support you? Do what you think is right, be a man!

I wish I could believe you, but you have no word. You have made several promises to do something, or stop doing it, and you have always come up with some excuse to brake your word. You don’t know what the meaning of the word honor is.

And, for the record, I don’t want you to leave, just to get the fuck away off those threads where your intrusion is not needed, wanted, or solicited. Stalker.

As an aside, if you think that this board should be made up only of people that you approve of, I feel sorry for you. You must think boredom is a virtue.**Listen to your own words, you wimp! How many times have you told others what to do? How many times have you disapproved of other posters being here? Don’t twist my words, you immature piece of soft dung!

This Board is for people to have fun, intelligent debates, ask intelligent questions, post mundane stuff, etc. But in case you haven’t noticed, there are DIFFERENT FORUMS designed specifically for each of these activities.

The rule: DON’T BE A JERK! applies equally to each forum, but it becomes effective depending upon the context of the thread. Your posts can be somewhat witty and even fun in MPSIMS, but the same tone might not be welcomed in GD, for example. Get my point?

This, and any other Board, is made up of people that the Administrators of the board approve of. But there are rules to follow, the main one being: respect others’ rights. Don’t just show up to interrupt, and add a little “levity” (no offense here, Kelli) when matters are taken seriously by the other posters.

Someone here wondered how I deal with REAL problems. Well, let me tell you something, I don’t ask for a “decaf” when I have an engine failure, or a set of wheels in fire, and I’m responsible for the lives of my passengers. Want to talk about REAL problems, when you only have a few seconds to solve them, and REAL lives are being threatened?

Not to pick nits, but in most contexts “fuck off” means “leave”…

My opinion only, but Wally’s contributions are short, usually funny and often contain a core of sly truth. Being wordy myself, I admire someone who can distill essentials into a few lines.

To call Wally the Court Jester is no insult. The original role was to entertain, poke fun while deflating pretension and still remind people of hard truths.

If Wally were to leave, a valuable voice would be lost. I, for one, hopes he sticks around.


“Fuck Off” means “Leave?” Guess it’s in the interpretation. I mean, if someone said to you “Fuck off and die,” would you expect that he really wanted you to die? Sometimes, maybe, but rarely.

I don’t think Wally leaving was what E1 had in mind. Especially since he never said a friggin thing about it. At all. In fact, he merely expressed his annoyance and asked Wally to shut the fuck up. To wit:

“Confine yourself to the forums where you belong, and if you have nothing intelligent to say, SHUT YOUR PUTRID MOUTH OFF!”

Sure doesn’t sound like “Go away” to me.

I have nothing against Wally. He “me-too’s” a fuck of a lot, sure. But WTF, we all do to some degree.

But, by GHOD! That was just too good a flame to leave undefended. Nice work, E1.


“Listen Children Eternal Father Eternally One!” Exceptions? None!
-Doc Bronner

E1, that was world class. Might be the best flame I’ve ever seen.

Wally, you know that we’ve had our problems, but I want you to stay.


Thanks. Everything becomes clearer now. Wally is here on purpose!

He is, according to Tveblen, some kind of “comic relief”, like the big ol’ Captain that always yells and shouts to Arnold Schwartzeneger in “True Lies”. Is that what you’re saying Veb? Did Unca Cecil hire him to make us laugh and relieve the tensions between debating members?

I don’t think so!

I will not be flaming Wally any more. I don’t think I need to, and I already said what I wanted. I believe we all here are of above average intelligence (yes, all of us), and a thread like this should not continue unless it contributes something to the others. But that is just my opinion.

Benito Juárez said: “…among men, as among nations, respect for others’ rights is PEACE”.

I agree.

It may be time to organize a “Stay, Wally, Stay” fundraising drive. Why get so bent out of shape over a quick one-liner or a slight change of pace in a thread? Most of the time I laugh along with his posts, and then have no trouble getting back into the flow of a topic. Forget Keiko the whale, Free Wally!!

It’s not bragging if you can do it - Satchel Paige

I’ve got 2 cents to put in here if I may:
Wally, I don’t think anyone wants you to leave. I think the point was made that E1 doesn’t appreciate your humor in places like Great Debates or GQ. It’s probobly not the humor itself that is annoying, it’s the fact that it isn’t followed by some pertinant info. If you only have so much time to use the boards and you get to GQ, see there are 6 topics posted on since you’ve been there last, it’s probobly annoying to have each of them be a “one liner” from ANYONE. I often think of great jokes to put in threads, but I leave them alone if I wasn’t planning on contributing some other info, too. So while E1 got a little upset over the whole thing (this is the pit, after all), I think he has a valid point.

Some mornings it just doesn’t seem worth it to gnaw through the leather straps.

E1skeptic wrote:

Yeah, shame on him. Those word brake shoes would last a lot longer if he downshifted instead.

The truth, as always, is more complicated than that.

Well, sure. But it’s cheaper to replace word brake shoes than a mental clutch . . .


“Listen Children Eternal Father Eternally One!” Exceptions? None!
-Doc Bronner

Me too.