Why the fuss wirh Wally7?

Because he had a heart operation? I had one too, but I didn’t go on and on about it. And I counted 2 signatures that were a little bit funny. The rest were junk.

I lurk a lot but I must be missing something. He does not impress me at all. There are many posters here who are more worthy of our respect. That’s my opinion and I’m sure many will agree.

Sorry Wally7, for not being on the band wagon.

You’ve been lurking, and you finally come out of the closet just to cut into one of the most popular posters on the board? Why don’t you just put “Flame me! I’m a TROLL!” in your sig and be done with it?

Ya gotta wonder where some people’s heads are.

God is my co-pilot. Blame Him.

good question, and one that will surely be jumped all over in a minute. You do know that your not allowed to say disparaging remarks to any of the regular assholes here right?

oh wait! i get it!! it’s an april fools joke! he’s trying to trick us into thinking he means WallyM7!

what a cracker.

if wishes were fishes, we could walk on the ocean.

It’s a general good idea not to disparage anybody, actually. Then you don’t get stepped on.

See how nice that works?


Julius, the proper place for such a topic would be the BBQ Pit.

We can’t wait. :wink:

Eagles may soar free and proud, but weasels never get sucked into jet engines.

Well, it’s not April fools day anymore, so if you would ask the moderators to calmly remove your gross error in topic choice, I’m sure I could talk the guys I hired to have you killed out of it.

“My drinking team has a Rugby problem.”
This sig line has been brought to you by the creative mind of Wally

If you need a graphic solution, http:\ alk.to\Piglet

That is fair, now I can call off the looney bin so they don’t haul your asses off

Ya’know bedboy, I’m beginning to wish I had brought a straight razor to your “wasted” thread.

I am Mr. Know-it-all
I am so eloquent
Perfection is my middle name
And whatever rhymes with eloquent.
- Primus

You’re right. He doesn’t impress me at all. He’s an asshole as a matter of fact! OK, now you can go back to being a lurker. G’Bye!

Just make yourself comfy while I shoot nuclear particles into your heart.
(Courtesy of Wally)

So, Wally doesn’t float your boat.

Um, so what? Just because a lot of people do respect and admire Wally doesn’t mean you have to. No one’s going to hold a gun to your head & say “you must like Wally!”

I personally can’t think of a bad thing to say about the guy. You obviously can. What that means, basically, is that you like apples, and I like oranges.


This is my new sig. Thank Wally. It was his idea.
“I made my husband join a bridge club. He jumps next Tuesday.”

Our Wally made idiot, moron and putz household words. How can you attack our Wally? Especially when not on the BarBQ pit?

Don’t ever say 288 in polite company. Its just two gross!

Julie, I suspect that if a putz like you doesn’t like me, I must be doing something right.

Why don’t you delurk and share your wit and wisdom with us?

I’m kinda amazed that you would stop lurking to say something pretty mean. Why bother to do that?? :confused:

I’m sorry that you had the same kind of operation and apparently didn’t get the attention/support that you would have wanted, but that * isn’t a valid reason * to want to take it away from someone who ** did get it because people here care about him. **


Great way to debut, Julius! You might want to think up another user name and try it again.

Judging by the responses, it looks like I made a good case.

That you for confirming the obvious.

I left a rubberband laying on the desk next to my computer, and about an hour ago a ladybug flew in the window and landed right inside it. Ever since it landed it’s been running around in a circle inside the rubberband. It’s really quite fascinating to watch.

Dr. Watson
“There are a lot more ways to fall off a tightrope than there are to inch forward.”

Hey! Julius! What’s up man? I’m so glad you could join us, even if it was for such a short period of time.

Don’t let the fucking door hit you in the ass on your way out.

Oh, and bedwetter4, that goes for you too. If all you can do is whine and whine about “the regulars” (whomever those might be) because a few people told you to stop posting garbage all over the board, then kindly rearrange the following words: “Off” and “Fuck”.

Dammit, I know it’s Wally’s place to do so, but you are a bunch of lame Putzes if ever there were two.

Likely Voted to Poster Most Drunk

WallyM7 on Coldfire:
"Yeah, he knows a little about everything because they have a good prison library."


Maybe I’ve missed something here, but what case was made. The only person who agreed with you was the moron BedBoy4. The only thing I saw proved here was that a bunch of people like Wally. Calling that obvious is an understatement.

OK, next weekend find a bar to go to, a decent neighborhood bar that you’ve never been to before. Sit and listen to the conversation among the regulars there. After a while, identify one of the patrons that seems to be well respected by the others. Walk up to the group and say “I’ve been listening to your conversation for a while, and I don’t see why you all like this guy so much. He’s not really all that funny or anything.” Depending on the type of place this bar is, you might want to have the ambulance waiting ahead of time.

On the SDMB, most people have something positive to contribute. As much as you can say for post count, quality is usually apreciated, and some posters have maintained high quality output for a long time, earning them much respect. After a while, some of the regs have even become quite friendly with each other. Then there’s idiots who stop by and decide that it’s up to them to dictate rules of decorum for a community they aren’t even involved in, and that everyone should listen to them. These people are beyond worthless, and waste room on the Chicago Reader’s servers with their mindless crap.

I’ll leave it up to you to figure out what group you fall into.

I dunno.

I always thought Wally was the wittiest seven-year-old boy I’ve ever seen.