Boomer Esiason

Do you like the former NFL quarterback and current radio broadcaster/CBS Sports commentator? Some people don’t like him because of his anti-Colin Kaepernick rants due to the national anthem kneeling issue.

I’ve never found anything particularly appealing about the man as either a QB or a commentator. If he disappeared, it wouldn’t bother me in the least.

A bunch of years ago, when I was working an event he was participating in, I dealt with him for a bit. Incredibly nice guy. Calm, not in the least arrogant. Seemed really forthright in a stereotypically Midwest way. Decent tipper, too. Could be I just met him on a good day.

Huge in person. I think he’s about 6’5" or so. I shuddered when I first saw him, realizing how much bigger and stronger the guys had to be, who rag-dolled him routinely when he was QB for the Bengals.

As an announcer, ehhh. He’s OK. I’m not turning the channel when I hear him. No Tony Romo though.

He’s pretty much 90% of all football broadcasters: rambling, pulls his punches on criticism of players, restates the obvious. I’ve noticed radio announcers, whether local ones or national ones like Kevin Harlan, are much better than the TV ones.

He’s not offensive but he’s pretty dull.

I give him a pass because of his kid and 9/11.