Boondocks - Sept 12th

I’m starting this in the Pit instead of Cafe Society or MPSIMS because it is political and the discussion could get heated.

I happen to like the Sept 12th “Boondocks”:

How do other “Dopers” feel about this?

(If that link “dies” I’ll try to post the image elsewhere).

Made me laugh.

That strip doesn’t make any sense. I agree with the first panel, but the last one is a complete disconnect. What connection does John Kerry have with the administrations of Mayor Nagin and Governor Blanco?

I feel like it’s a pretty standard Boondocks column. He makes political commentary all the time.

You don’t do disingenuous well, Dave.

The official death toll is at 280…where does this “several thousand” figure come from? Do people actually still think that the NO mayor’s claims of “10,000 dead” are actually realistic?

MacGruder writes his toons roughly 14 days ahead of current events.

I have to wonder why ‘Boondocks’ , ‘Doonesbury’ and other strips of a similar stripe are on the funny page. Relocate them to OP-ED where they belong. It’s one thing if a strip makes an occasional comment, but for it to become their regular fare-they’re no longer considered a comic strip by my definition. I’ve been wondering what’s up with ‘Funky Winkerbean’ as it’s been on a socio-political bent for a while and is about as funny as a flaming bus crash.

And besides, I’ve seen photographic proof that Kerry did windsurf, and frequently!

they are there for the same reason drivel like andy cap, garfield, kathy and ziggy are there…thats just the place you put strips even when they havent ever been funny.

I love Boondocks though well done toon imho.

I can’t argue that point, and have enjoyed Boondocks at times. Perhaps I judge all funnies who stray into politics by the master of the genre: Walt Kelly. He could place an outstanding dig and still make the reader laugh.

While Boondocks can be funny at times–like when would be gangsta Riley found out he was living on “Timid Deer Lane”–sometimes they just seem like a left wing version of Mallard Fillmore

Larry Borgia

No, I have to take exception with your comparison . “Boondocks” is funny. :smiley:

Word to wolf_meister. Boondocks ranges from mildly amusing to wickedly accurate, since it’s based on real events.

Mallard Fillmore makes up shit to blame liberals for imagined woes, and thinks that passes for wit; its only purpose these days is to make Prickly City look fair by comparison.


And I happen to think that the 9/12 strip is funny as well. Not the best placed criticism, since the Dept. of Homeland Insecurity would be cumbersome and incompetent, whether Kerry had been elected or not. But funny nonetheless.

I’m not offended by the strip, and it’s somewhat funny, but I think Boondocks is funnier when it’s nonpolitical.

There were a series of strips recently about the grandfather’s incompetance with computers that I thought were hilarious.

The Baltimore Sun features Boondocks and Doonesbury on the op-ed page.

Oh I remember the “grandfather and the computer” series of “Boondocks” - and yes they were funny.
For example, he calls up customer support and says “My computer stopped working when I tried to shoot that duck and win $20…” and over the phone everybody’s laughing “… hey guys — somebody tried to shoot that duck !!! …” (hysterical laughter continues for the rest of the strip.)

LOL. Exactly.

I’m conservative, usually, and I thought it was hilarious. Of course, I found this Mallard Fillmore to be even funnier (the top one.) :smiley: