Boonesfarm "Wine"

Yes I’ll admit it, I drink Boonesfarm “Wine.” At least most flavors. My favorite flavors are Snow Creek Berry, Orange Hurricane, and Strawberry Daiquari.

Are there other dopers who love this ambrosia and if so, what flavors?

I tastes fine but it is a little too light and girly for me. I have been known to ride the Night Train from time to time though. I also got attacked by the Mad Dog more than a few times. He was Orange IIRC.

Question: What’s the word?
Answer: Thunderbird

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Boone’s Farm Strawberry Hill :slight_smile:

Haven’t thought of that in years

TICKLE PINK!!! ummm … not that I ever you see … but errr ummm uhhh …

I tried Boone’s wine in college. Tasted pretty good (sweet and fruity), but we were all embarrassed to drink it–seemed best reserved for bums and sorority girls.

Back then, I was playing in a punk band, most of us were underage, and we all really liked malt liquor in big quart bottles because it was cheaper and stronger than beer. We’d usually get Mickey’s Ice or Old English 800. Pretty wretched stuff, in retrospect, but we were all 18, 19, 20 years old, poor college students, and trying to be “punk rock as fuck.” Matt, the guitarist, was the only one of us who was 21, but he didn’t drink. The first time we waited outside a convenience store and gave Matt money to buy us some quarts to drink at practice, he came out with quarts of milk and orange juice!

Does anyone else remember St. Ides malt liquor? It came in quarts too, but it had different fruit flavors, much like wine coolers (or these current trendy beverages like Smirnoff Ice). I remember liking the blue one and the pina colada one–somehow those were “cooler” to drink than Boone’s, because they came in quart bottles and not wine bottles. I haven’t seen those in years, though!

No, no, no, no, no.

It’s “Fruit flavored wine product”.

BigBadVoodooLou: You can still get St. Ides. At least in Biloxi, MS. And I think I can get it at the shoppette on base here.

Two things amaze me about that shoppette:

  1. They sell Thunderbird.
  2. They sell Thunderbird.

Robin Williams:


That reminds me. Does anybody else remember “Champale”?


Oh, man. I recall being a uni freshman & hauling ass down to the bodega to get some St. Ides - I’m pretty sure that I remember the blue “flavor”, whatever it was.

Ugh. Never again.

You can get St Ides in Kansas. Therefore, you should be able to get it everywhere.

There’s a LOT of stuff not available in KS due to our complicated blue laws.

Boone’s farm is tasty as long as you don’t delude yourself that you’re drinking wine.

Also… Boone’s should never be drunk from a glass. Always straight from the bottle.

Or a plastic cup.

I think that is too pretentious too. People will think you are just showing off and trying to pull a metrosexual on them. The only accessory I would add is the sterotypical brown paper bag when you are sitting in public. Among friends, you can ditch the bag so that everyone can admire the pretty label as you gulp from the bottle.

I thought only guys could be labeled as metrosexuals.

I also peel the labels off if possible. Yum, mystery wine beverage!

I just polished off my first bottle of Boone’s Farm Strawberry Hill wine. I noticed that the label had three things in common with our old pal Thunderbird:

  1. It refers to itself as “American Original”.
  2. It calls itself a “citrus wine”.
  3. On the little gold band near the bottom of the label, it says “Serve Very Cold”.

Boone’s Farm Strawberry Hill has a light strawberry flavor, with hints of citrus and a heavy overtone of swimming-pool water. The buzz from a bottle is quite sufficient for me, being that the wine is 7.5% alcohol by volume. Also, my mouth feels slightly numb, as if I’d swished around some of the lidocaine stuff the dentist swabs your mouth with before he puts the needle in. All in all, not bad for $1.80.

Ahh… Boone’s Farm. I loved the convenience of a screw top on a wine bottle. Sort of like a “girly” forty. Of course, if you were going to be seen with a bottle of Boone’s, you had better have a nice forty of the Steel Reserve to reclaim your manliness.
St. Ides comes in flavors? My god, the idea of a pina colada beer/malt beverage puts chills down my spine. I haven’t figure out yet if it’s a good thing or not.
Oh, and Boone’s is also good for making jungle juice with a bit of extra kick in it. Good ol’ college.

good evening friends,

when it was introduced, the first flavor was boone’s farm apple wine. it was kept in the cooler, and sold cold for (iirc) 79 cents a quart.

we would stop at the liquor store and just tell the clerk: “give us all the cold boones farm ya got”

it produced an incredibly nasty hangover, possibly due to the amount consumed, and the reefer we smoked in between gulps.
ah! those were the days…

I started with Boone’s Farm Apple Wine years ago. The only wine I had drunk before college was Kosher wine – basic Manichevitz – which is sort of like cough syrup, only sweeter. Boone’s Farm got me started on wine, though I certainly wouldn’t drink it now.

However, if you do want to try some excellent apple wine, get it from the North River Winery, the best winery in Vermont. It’s best tastes much like a good chardonnay.

You know wine sucks when you can describe the vintage in colors, or even worse by discussing the merits of this week’s vintage over last week’s.

If I’m going to go hobo, I’m going with the one that set the standard…T-Bird.

IIRC, the contents of a bottle of Boone’s Farm Apple Wine fits perfectly into one (or was it two?) of those large plastic tumblers with the letters of your girlfriend’s sorority printed on them.