Ever had a Bum Wine?

I found this site while trying to show a dutch friend what Mad Dog 20/20 was. I think its pretty funny and it brings back a few horror stories in my mind from the 80’s when I was young and willing to drink such swill. Hell, in my college years I woke up in an alley after a night of drinking Thunderbird. I have no idea how I got there. My roommates say I just disappeared from a party we were at. Trust me i never touched that stuff again. None of my stories seem to compare to some of the ones in the sites guestbook, though.

One thing many of these wines have in common though is that they seem to make people go berserk. I vaguely remember a news story in Philadelphia years ago that they wanted to ban the sale of Mad Dog because of that. And when I first went to Fort Campbell my platoon sergeant told me to not drink cisco because its liquid crack. Has anyone had any crazy experiences with these cheap wines? I always hear stories of people going nuts and trashing their own house. Maybe I should have tried cisco after all…

Buckfast. Oh, jings. Not for nothing is it called a bottle of “Good morning, Your Honour”…or just “wifebeater”…

What? Oh, that sort of bum.

I was afraid that, upon opening this thread, I’d find a description of something from Santorum Vineyards.

Ewww. I didn’t just write that, did I? Ewww.

I’d bought my girlfriend a wine rack for Valentines one year, but she goes through wine too fast for storage to be much of a problem for us. I got tired of seeing the empty wine rack, so I decided to fill it with Bum Wine. I’ve got Richard’s Wild Irish Rose, Night Train, Boones Farm, MD 20/20, and Thunderbird but I was rather dismayed to find out that Ripple isn’t on the market anymore.

Ugh, I had Cisco a few times while stationed in VA. On a logical level I realize that alcohol should have the same effect no matter what the delivery vehicle is, but Cisco was a very weird drunk.

Number one, it seemed like you were crazy drunk within minutes, and so you were an energetic drunk. I don’t know, it was bizarre stufff. I never had the same reaction from MD 20/20.

On a side note, the first time I ever wondered if I might have a drinking problem was when someone handed me a bottle of some new flavor of Mad Dog and I said “Hey , that’s not too bad!”

For the other kind of bum wine, there’s always
Hiney Wine:


We used to drink so much Wild Irish Rose when we were in high school. Yuck! We occasionally had Mad Dog & Thunderbird, but we usually stuck to Wild Irish Rose.

My husband apparently drank a lot of Boone’s Farm in high school.

Just noticed that Wild Irish Rose is made by the Canandaigua Wine Company - no wonder we drank so much of it in Ithaca.

We use to have Red Rocket (a fortified wine last seen in the late '70’s) parties in college. A buddy of mine bought several cases for pennies on the dollar from a liquor store that had been unable to sell it; it was probably several years old. Never have so few, barfed so much, for so long.

A term equally as disturbing as “bum wine”.

When Boone’s Farm was introduced in my area, it only came in Apple, and was sold out of the refrigerated case. It was also under a dollar a bottle. Many lost weekends and horrific hangovers started with the phrase “Give me all the cold Boone’s Farm ya got!”

To my credit (I think), I’ve never had any of these. From the descriptions, I don’t think I want to.

But I have t add another favorite at my high school (judging from the empties in the bathrooms):
Bali Hai

Do they still make that one?

Well it wasn’t the only gift, and it is a rather elaborate wine rack. I also got her enough nice bottles to fill the sucker with.

Yep. In college I had the “pleasure” of drinking Night Train on several occasions.

One night my house threw a hotel party, which means each room had a different drink. Two of my friends decided to serve wine and cheese.

The wine was Night Train.

The cheese was Nice n’ Cheesy – a Velveeta knock off.

People would see the sign and get all excited, and go into the room.

A few moments later they would come out looking like this: :eek:

Ah, memories.

Baby Duck. Uggg. Only once, in high school, at a “drinks provided” party. I went back out and bought myself some beer. It is truly terrible stuff.

Then again, I was also “initiated” to drinking beer with a gift of a 40oz of Saint Ides…http://www.40ozmaltliquor.com/stideshg.html… I have evil friends.

Gods, this is bringing back memories of college, and not good ones.

Boone’s Farm - Done that.

Bali Hai - Done that

Ripple - Done that.

My stomach is churning just thinking about it.

Anybody ever had Rhythm? 20 % alcohol, sweet and deadly.

Also, anybody remember Spanada? That was the wine during the late 60’s.

Someone slipped me some “electric” Spanada once. Didn’t tell me until I had had a couple of swigs. We were in a cave at the time. Weirdness ensued.

We don’t really have that sort of thing much in Australia - as in, a standard sized bottle of wine that’s cheap and evil. They’re around, but not common. IMpoverished students here tend to go for a 4 litre box of normal (but rough) table wine (around US$7.50 for a cheapie) - with Rohypnol sleeping tablets if they can acquire some, and the skid row types drink bottles of traditional fortifieds such as port or sherry.

As August West mentioned, you would think alcohol is alcohol, but it seems some of the street wisdom is right, and this isn’t actually the case.

For some anecdotal evidence:

  • Port, sherry etc: the few times I’ve had too much of this, I’ve simply gone into a coma. Never woken up in an alley, but I’ve put myself to bed, and I don’t remember doing so. This is the weirdest of booze to me. It’s like it’s got something else in it. Bad news.
  • Wine-inna-box: Doesn’t get me particularly more drunk or differently drunk, but by the devil I pay for it in the morning.
  • Drambuie: Yes, this is top shelf stuff, but when I worked in a pub, we ended up no longer selling it because the young men would always go troppo and fight or otherwise trash the place. Drambuie is whisky-based, and the same young men could drink whisky without dramas, so I am flummoxed on this one.
  • Strong cider. Australian cider comes in at about beer strength (5% alc/vol) normally, but they put out a 10% a few years back. Many pubs stopped selling it because the young drinkers, again, went absolutely berko on it.

In my younger days when drinking to excess was the thing to do, I was famous amongst my mates as being a hard case for the amount of spirits I could put away. Give me a bottle of scotch, and I’ll give you a high-functioning drunk. I explained to my mates that while that was so, on most occasions when we’d drink beer, I was the opposite. I’d have a few then want to sit down and doze off, and they’d be drinking beer all night. Beer, to me, is a heavy, heady, messy brainfunk. Spirits are the same to all my friends.

I drink the ol’ MD 20/20 once a year, as a tradition at a yearly party-thing. In fact, that weekend is coming up a week from saturday. I hope my stomach is rady for the MD, cause it’s a-comin’ whether it wants it to or not!

Try some Boone’s Farm Blue Hawaiian: Bright blue liquid, tastes like blue raspberry and coconut. I brought some to a dinner party one night when the host asked me to bring “the wine.”

The proper glass to serve Boone’s Farm in: Welch’s Grape Jelly glasses.