Booyah! Gold Bikini Leia Fansite!

Pics of female fans wearing replica’s of Carrie Fisher’s famous outfit from Return of the Jedi! :cool:

Yep. It sure is.

Merciful heavens! That’s some website, ya.

Been there. Done that. Wrote the slash.

Linking disabled because it’s so FUCKING NSFW!

They certainly look nervous and annoyed. I guess hanging around Jabba the Pizza Hut will do that to a girl.

Any one of them looks better than Carrie Fischer.

Reminds me of a couple of girls, back in the 80’s, who went to a con in outfits like that, as part of an interstellar escort service.

They, and the guy with them were billed as “Herb’s New and Used Virgins, handling outworld clients at onworld prices!”

Um, yeah, initial impression is possibly the best website ever and you are the kindest soul on the planet for disseminating same to the unintiated/unwashed masses of me. Mmmmmmmmmmm, stalker antennae up. Make it so, Cap’n.

Wait, one has a sternum tattoo, ewww.

Oh my, one of my friends is on there!

Laura from page 1 shall be my bride!

And your reason for not introducing us, is?

:::Readies pitchforks and torches if the reason’s not very good:::

Just as long as there are no male fans in that outfit…the horror!…the horror!

It is fortunate indeed that I happened by, Queen of the Felines. As a gesture of common courtesy, I feel it necessary to caution you about some of these other folks in this thread, as certain of their interests are regrettably unsavory. All too many unscrupulous persons would leap at the chance to manipulate you for their own sordid purposes; such is the way of the world. Alas.

Therefore, Queen of the Felines, I freely offer my services as a reliable guide and chaperone in all such bikini-related matters; it’s just the sort of generous person I am. Willingly place your trust in me, Queen of the Felines; you should trust ONLY me. Indeed, all your circle of limber female costume-wearing conventioneering friends would surely benefit from my counsel. Tell them, Queen of the Felines. Tell them all.

And remember, picture links are greatly encouraged. Only good can come of this, I assure you.

Where’s Fiver when we really need her?

I remember reading about Christy on page 8. Years ago, she took a sci-fi con by storm with her metal bikini and had the horny fanboys all a-twitter.

The next year she showed up as Hoth Leia, much to the dejection and blue balls of nerds everywhere.

I’ll be in my bunk.

Here’s a link to a thread I started on the appeal of Slavegirl Leias: