Bored Old Fart needs online RPG suggestion

When I was younger I played and enjoyed:

The Faery Tale Adventure (I know, I know, that was 25 years ago)

Then Myst, but got increasingly bored and frustrated with its sequels and gave up entirely on those about 10 years back.

I LOVED Tribes and used to play for hours a day for weeks on end (this was back around 1998)

Now, I am looking for a game to play but everything seems so violent and also has such a steep learning curve. Like fifty different characters and hundreds of permutations of weapons and spells and shiat…I end up giving up in bafflement or just get bored. I can’t STAND the “Super Mario Brothers” interface BTW, or any game where I have little pixelated characters running around while I view the game from above.

Can anyone recommend a good solid, enjoyable, engaging RPG that an old fart like me might enjoy? Not interested in anything violent or bloody first-person shooter - I dont mind some action, just not non-stop shoot 'em up.

I spent a lot of time on Kingdom Rush, a tower defense game with a lot of nice little animations. Easy to learn, hard to master. A nice diversion.

Thanks, is that…an app or something? I was looking for something I can play on my netbook…

It’s a flash game. It should play in any browser that supports flash.

Guild Wars 2.

What sort of ‘online RPG’ are you looking for? An MMO? Because most MMOs don’t really fit your criteria very well.

Uh, also, what on earth is the ““Super Mario Brothers” interface”?

You might like the Mass Effect series, although I’m not sure if you’re going to be able to play them on your netbook. I’m not 100% sure what a netbook is.

little pixelated characters running around while I view the game from above

I agree, although - and some might consider this heresy - I suggest starting with the second game. Sure, you’ll miss out on some important plot options, but the gameplay is much more streamlined and easy to master. The weapon selection table in ME1 alone would probably drive the OP away in terror.

Mass effect sound like a decent suggestion. You can pick up the first one for $4.99 on steam right now.

The interface and combat is a bit clunky, but no way should you skip this anymore that you should skip the first movie of the LOTR trilogy.

And since you’ve apparently not played a game since the 90’s, that clunkiness will still seem like a lot of streamlining. ME2 is definitely the better game, but you need to play 1 to understand the universe and it’c characters.

Another options might be Dragon Age: Origins. Also $4.99 on Steam. It’s a deep RPG, more like Baldur’s gate, but it introduces it’s systems in small doses.

South park, the stick of truth? If you’re a south park fan, that might be up your alley. Very simplistic RPG with tons of character.

If you liked tribes then perhaps tribes Ascend? It’s free to play on PC.

Card Hunter is fun. It’s a role playing game in which you play the role of a guy playing a role playing game.

I’m going to recommend Lord of the Rings Online.

It’s based on a great book (and the programmers are obviously devoted Tolkien fans.)
It’s free (though you get benefits if you want to subscribe.)

You can play solo (though there’s plenty of ways to interact with others) or team up.
The game mechanics are not difficult (and there’s a Tutorial.) Basically your character is in the world of Middle-Earth (starting during the Fellowship of the Ring) and you explore the world whilst events unfold around you.
You can use a mouse for all movement and combat (combat just involves selecting from an on-screen menu.)
The animations and** background** are excellent (play it on a big screen!)

There’s a fair choice of races and classes. For me, playing a hobbit burglar travelling initially around the Shire was truly wonderful. :slight_smile:
You can spend your time in combat, helping the side of good or collecting raw materials and crafting them into items for other players. Or any combination of those three. :cool:

Another great RPG you might enjoy is Skyrim. It’s hard to beat it in terms of pure immersiveness. Lots of cool mods for it on Steam as well.

Ahem. It must be an online game?

Do you fancy visual or textual puzzles the most?

Reply and I’ll try to find something that suits you!

I know I shouldn’t nitpick, but you might want to pick another term, since Super Mario Brothers is viewed from the side. :slight_smile:

Heh, I’m sure I wasn’t the only one wondering what MMORPG is based off a side scroller. Maple Story, I guess.

City of Steam is free and I think runs in your browser but you might give it a try. If you hate it, well, it was free (it does have a pay store, naturally).

I think a lot of us are just confused based on your description. Do you really want an online multiplayer (since you mentioned single player games)? And a game that’s not combat-oriented?