Bored with live streaming puppies? Watch live crack deals instead.

The San Francisco Chronicle online today provided a link to It’s a website set up by a guy living in the San Francisco’s Tenderloin, a notoriously seedy neighborhood. His cameras capture the action on his block, and this has resulted in the nabbing of crooks on occasion.

According to the Chronicle article, his feed was originally sort of cheesey, just like grainy security footage, but a dot com company provided him with high quality cameras and a sound feed. He’s thinking of expanding this into a security business.

It’s 5:20 a.m. here on the west coast, so there’s no real action yet, although I’ve seen a few characters staggering home. I’m going to tune in later this P.M., as Saturday night should see plenty of activity.

Lots of people at such an odd hour.

Oh yes- welcome to the Tenderloin. They usually scatter when the sun comes up, though, at least for a while…
ETA- holy shit! You’re right! 8:04 am Pacific and I just saw a fucking drug deal! It was those four guys under the light!

Damn, that’s kind of cool, in a sad way…

Wow. They don’t even pretend to be waiting for the bus or waiting for the walk signal.

Just saw another one! Adam’s block south is a very bustling local market…


Little do the crack dealers know that they are addicting to watch.

How long are the drug dealers going to put up with Adam recording them? I hope he can stay safe.

FTR, bars close (legally) at 2am here in California. An hour either way should provide for some entertainment.

Okay, now THAT was hilarious! I just watched a guy in a wheelchair speeding himself along backwards, using his two good legs to push himself, in a running/rolling thing across the street and down the sidewalk!

I guess he doesn’t start his “help a paralyzed vet” schtick until the next block… :smiley:

Yeah, my husband and I found ourselves in the Tenderloin accidentally while I was there on a business trip - we walked only one block of it and passed at least a couple open-air drug deals, no attempt to hide what they were doing, not more than a glance at us even. Admittedly, we were trying to sink into the sidewalk after we figured out what was up. This was only a block or two from a very high-end hotel.

Ye Gods. I’ve thought poor Leroy was going to get killed a couple of times. He just wanders out into the street, into the intersection, like he’s a crossing guard or something!

I see the name “Leroy” mentioned many times by the chat people on that site. Who is he, a regular down there on the street? Which one is he?

BTW, I just saw a drug deal at 5:45 a.m. A higher-end white car pulled up into a parking space, a guy came and talked and negotiated for awhile, something exchanged hands, and the car drove away. Took about 1.5 minutes.

Jesus- I think the SUV parked on south partially blocking the crosswalk just got robbed. One guy got in, then another, then less than two minutes later they both jumped out and went opposite directions.

Leroy hangs out around second base. Last night, he was wearing a tan jacket/hoodie. He’s loud, curses a lot, and he is a regular on the street.

My poor husband was sitting here, also on the site, listening to me yelling, “LEROY! Get out of the STREET!” He said, “You’re not going to sleep well tonight, are you?”

Whats up with the double parked cars? Can’t imagine it’s legal.

Church services. Glide Memorial Church is right down the street. The dudes in the yellow jackets volunteered for the church and help to park cars.

Saw a guy just walk up and take a bike… But the chat room told me otherwise.

“Well, time to walk the bike again” was a common phrase.

I guess the guy takes his bike, walks around, comes around the bock, walks around the intersection, and puts it back often.

And some cops went up to a SUV, looked around, looked like they were looking at the camera, shined their flashlights in the windows of the SUV, then walked away.

Sure enough, somebody tagged “WKT” in big white letters in the middle of the intersection not 5 minutes after I started watching.

I gotta point out that there are people in wheelchairs who can, indeed, walk – for very short periods of time. There was one guy I used to see when I lived in a different city who used his chair to go down the block, then got up at the non-ramped corners, lifted his chair to put it on the street, got back into it, rode to the next curb, got up to pick up the chair and set it on the sidewalk, and continue. Sometimes he’d propel himself with his feet while in the chair.

Sorry, I guess I’ve spent too much time in SF, Barcelona, Rome, etc, to buy anything an panhandler is selling! :slight_smile: