Boring Guy, can we talk? Oh, we can't, you're an idiot with a 1-letter vocabulary...

The entirety of his posting carreer as of this posting: (3/10 of his posts here!)

And the ONLY post with anything resembling merit (in a test thread!):

Well…all I can say is… ZZZZZZZZZZZZ…

What can I say… you’ve just summed up his entire posting carreer. Period.

Don’t thank me. Thank Lynn.

Shit, what’s next? The Tedious Tot? The Monotonous Man? The Humdrum Human? The Prolix Person? The Irksome Idiot? The Dull Dope? The Vapid Vamp? The Banal Bastard? Oooh! I know! The Listless Loser.


RUN AWAY!:smiley:

He did this to MY thread too. I wonder how he chooses which threads to do this to?

He is probably harmless, although I wonder why he doesn’t have anything better to do. Maybe someone else has him as a second account, and they just use him to mess with the rest of us. I dunno.


Maybe he’s tired.

The Banned Barbiturate has a nice ring to it…

Hmmm, yes it does, Pariah; I like it. But how 'bout excised ennui? Ennui has always been one of my favoritest words.

oh, and then we can say “in re: excised ennui” , and if it’s here in the states, we could go so far (dare we?) to say “in re: excised ennui in l’etats unis”… and then.

Egads! Enough!

It’s really not fair to pick on him - narcoleptics are people too. It’s a disease, people! Oh won’t someone think of the children?

I’d bet my left tit on it. Just a way to work out their irksome reaction to threads they think fall below the standard of scintillation they’ve set for us all.

I feel so… belittled for having posted to a thread later pronounced so boring. I feel… dirty. diminished. degraded. disrespected.

oh god, someone HOLD me! collapses into a heap, body heaving with sobs

I actually find this quite rude, and even though he normally seems to post after things have died down in a thread. Even so, I think that what we have right here is exactly what he wants, just stupid attention, and to be noticed.


Thanks, Lynn!

“There’s one did laugh in’s sleep,
and one cried ‘Murder!’
That they did wake each other:
I stood and heard them:
But they did say their prayers,
and address’d them Again to sleep.”
–Macbeth, Act 2, Scene ii