boring question re MS office shortcut bar

can i download this from anywhere??

I use windows NT and it has a blanked out icon to it but when i click on it it cant find the file so i assume its not on my PC. So can i get it from anywhere? i have looked on but cannot find it.

Any help appreciated!


When you say the icon has blanked out, which icon do you mean? An icon for a program in the bar?

yes Matt.

Hit the start button, programs, microsoft office shortcut bar. But the icon is a little white square with a blue lid thing. I always thought this icon appeared if the link was pointing to a program that had been removed.

At present i have a link to the bar but click on it and it just starts searching for the file to run the toolbar. The file its looking for does not exist, this is what i want to download.

According to my setup, the icon comes with MSOFFICE.EXE, which is a 326kB file. If you can’t find that file on your system, try the link below (I found it in a web search).

DISCLAIMER: I don’t know anything about this site. I don’t know if downloading this is illegal or not (and if it’s not legal, please delete the link, mods). I can’t guarantee that the file is virus-free or will solve your problems. I don’t know if the file is specific to a particular copy of Office. It might be worth contacting Microsoft support first.

this link

In fact, on second thoughts I’d just recommend retrieving it from your MS Office CD-ROM. I personally wouldn’t risk downloading it without confirmation from Microsoft.

I think that link is for linux, not sure.
office shortcut bar comes w/ MS Office, if you know the name of the file, do a search on your local HD (suggestion right click on the broken shortcut, go to properties, and look around you should be able to find the name of the file). if you find it, double click it and see iflaunches ok, if so RIGHT click and drag to either your desktop or start>programs>startup when you release it say create shortcut.
if you dragged it to your desktop, you must dblclick to launch it after a reboot, if it is in startup it will start automatically (or should)
if your search on the local HD doesn’t find it, you can try any network drives you have access to and copy the file to your HD then follow the above.
personally I HATE that office shortcut bar and delete it after installing office

The easiest way to fix it would be to run office setup again and use the add/remove feature. Uncheck shortcut bar then restart the computer. Then run setup again and recheck the box for shortcut bar in add/remove. This will only work for office 97 or 2k.