about MS Office tool bar: Icons change automatically.

I use the tool bar that comes with MS office. This past week I have noticed that when ever I restart my machine all the icons have changed to the icon associated with Windows explorer, they still call up the correct applications but the icons still need to be reset. I have seen this in other machines in the past but never understood why. I always thought it was a lack of memory. That cant be that case here, as I haven’t installed anything new for the last few weeks and all has been well.

Any one else have this happen, and any ideas on what could be the cause?

SPECS: Pentium III, 850mhz, 128 meg memory, 20 gig HD, win 98 with office and various other apps.

Thank you.


So, I take it by your collective silence that this is a real stumper, to lame for anyone to answer or the machine is possessed by evil spirits and I should call an exorcist right away. (I still don’t want to change all those icons again).


My personal experience has been that the MS Office Toolbar is a piece of crap. It uses a lot of resources and has things like what you are experiencing happen to it quite frequently. My suggestion would be to turn it off (You would save that much more memory by doing so) and create shortcut icons to your MS Office apps on your desktop.

If you still want a toolbar, there’s a feature in Windows 98 that can create a toolbar for any folder. Go to the desktop, open Windows Explorer and drag the folder you want to the edge of the screen. That’s all there is to it. You can do this with a folder you create that contains the shortcuts you want.

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Ya know, for all my years of fooling around with MS products, how come this never occurred to me? :smack: Well I have taken both of ya-ll’s advice, I killed the Office toolbar and moved my apps to the lower bar. Neat. Problem solved, while it doesn’t
answer why, I guess why doesn’t Matter now.

Thanks again!