MS Word 2003 Problem: Toolbars


I installed MS Office 2003 on my work computer. Don’t flame me; it’s the company standard.

Anyway, I rely on the toolbars at the top of each app to speed up my most common tasks. I customize mine heavily since the default toolbars offer features I don’t use. This is working OK for every app except Word 2003. In Word, I can change the toolbars but the changes disappear once I close Word!

Anyone out there ever seen this before? Any idea how to fix it? I can’t find anything about it on Microsoft’s site and I want to avoid paying MS for technical support, if I can.


Not sure but maybe if you customize the toolbar when you do not have a document open. I think maybe the customizations done when a document is open only apply to that document.

Thanks for the quick reply, but that didn’t work. Even when I had no document, the same thing happened.

The customizations are stored in your user profile. If you’re working for a company that locks down the user profile, you won’t be able to save those changes when you log off the network, and tomorrow morning you’ll have the same settings as before your customizations. Other symptoms of that are an inability to rearrange your desktop icons and have the rearrangement survive a logoff/logon.

This would be more likely to be the case if you and other co-workers share a set of PCs, such as call center workers.

This might be happening, though I doubt it. Our user profiles aren’t locked down to my knowledge, though I’m not sure where I’d look. Anyway, I don’t log into a Windows domain when I start up, but into my own local machine. I can re-arrange my desktop icons. Also, the toolbar problem only seems to happen in Word, although I have all of Office 2003 installed. I’ve not had the problem in Excel.