Boss - Should I continue watching?

Started watching Boss and got maybe three or four episodes in. I like the political bits and drama around that but rapidly get bored or annoyed with the rest of it.

Daughter - Who cares? She’s wasting my time whenever she’s on the screen. I don’t see her bringing anything to the show and I feel like I’m watching some other program whenever it shifts from Chicago politics to drug-addled naked minister woman.

Dr. Neurologist - I have nothing against her personally but the paralyzing shot and forced relocation are in the realm of comic book material.

I dislike the reporter just because he feels like such a cliché but at least he helps drive the interesting parts of the show. Likewise with seeing Kathleen Robertson’s tits every episode. A bit overdone but at least she brings something to the show. I mean besides tits.

So is this going to get better for me or should I cut bait? New season is starting (started?) so I’m deciding if I should finish through Season One.

I liked it. It’s a tour de force for Kelsey Grammer, and held our interest throughout. New season is scheduled for August 17, last I saw, so you have time.