Boston Area Dopers - a request for dining advice

I will be in Boston next week for a convention, but staying with my brother in Salem. As a happy coincidence, it is also his birthday next Wednesday, so I’d like to take him out. I don’t believe he’ll have a car, but I could be wrong on that. What would be the possibilities for taking him out for dinner?

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Salem itself now seems to be filled with restaurants. If you’re near downtown, you can walk to two different Irish-style pubs, mexican restaurants, Indian restaurants, Middle east restaurants, Chinese, japanese, and Thai cuisine, a zillion pizza places, a Greek-run place that makes damned near anything, or a place that serves a zillion different kinds of hot dogs. And quite a few other things besides. And that’s not even counting Pickering Wharf.

Unfortunately, I haven’t eaten at most of them recently, so I can’t tell you if Roosevelt’s, under its current owbners, id any good, or if Rockafella’s is as good as its prices suggest, or if the hidden-away high class restaurants are worth it. There’s plenty to choose from there, though.


Good to know that there are a lot of options in the area. My brother has been “commuting” to Salem during the week for the past 3+ years, so he probably has a decent handle on the mid-range stuff. Is there any “hidden” place worth a drive or a trip via cab or train that anyone could recommend, or anyone really familiar with Salem could suggest a particular place?

Well, the Salem Beer Works is pretty reliable. Food is your basic American pub grub, but they make their own beer.

Finz, on the wharf, is a more upscale seafood place. In the summer, there’s outside dining. Probably a bit too early for that now.

If you had a car, you could try the Black Cow in Hamilton.

Hmm… :dubious:

I wonder how fast we could throw a Dopefest together.

If you are in Salem and you want to try something different make sure you go by one of the Roast Beef sandwich places. Man I miss those sandwiches. Hot sliced roast beef on a roll with tangy barbeque sauce. They were a lunch time/late night item of choice in my teenage years. Whenever I get back up to that area I stop in to one of the places, I grew up one town over in Beverly.

If you like off beat places go by Salem Willows. It is a waterfront park with a few small mom & pop chinese/italian/fried food places. Try the tender steak or chop suey sandwich from the chinese place. They also have one of the best arcades around. All the oldies including many pinball games.

Man now I want to go back and visit…

There was a really awesome Thai place I went to a few years back…it was right on Washington St. I can’t remember the name, but if it sounds like something you might enjoy, I can look it up for you

Check out the New England thread on eGullet and either scroll or search for “boston”.

Also, ChowHound has a Boston-specific thread.

Nick’s Roast Beef!! (I’m a Bev native. Still live there.)

I haven’t been in upwards of twenty years, but do the Willow’s still sell flavored popcorn bars?

Forgive my apostrophe.

The chop suey sandwich, while a Willows classic, has got to be the most disgusting thing ever invented… but I don’t like chop suey much anyway.

Other than that (former Ipswich resident, and a HUGE supporter of the Clam Box on Rt 1A/133, not sure if it’s open yet, but if so, worth a drive) I got nothing new.

Yes they do. And they still sell the best tasting buttered popcorn outside of Fenway Park. (not actually “outside” as in “on Yawkey Way” but “outside” in the sense of “besides”.)