Boston Dopefest in February!

A Doper is moving here, and a Dopefest was suggested. However, one Doper wants to wait to February, due to work commitments. Gives up PLENTY of planning time!

I look forward to seeing you again. :slight_smile:

So Elvis, where should we gather?

Somewhere with easy T access!

etv78, not to be indelicate, but how transportation-limited are you? Does The Ride go anywhere you want it to? I’m simply not familiar with it in detail, sorry.

No prob Elvis! I can go anywhere north of Cohasset, south of Lynn, and east of Natick. Have to be home by 1AM. (shouldn’t be a problem)

I’m in! As long as we can nail down a date and I can ask for that day off well in advance…

I can do whenever.

Yay Dopefest!

Hooray! Count me in.

We still gonna make this happen?

Hey, RA! Thanks for bumping this! I can do any weekend night in the Boston area.

I’m still up for it!

I’d be interested, as always. Especially now that most of my commitments are out of the way.

Excellent! As I said, any place in Boston area works for me. (Accessible obviously)

I’m still in it, too. Now all we need is for someone to step up and make a decision.

Ok, where are we gonna meet on the 22nd?

I do believe I’m available on the 22nd.

I can’t think of a good location, but I’ll give it some thought.

Sadly, I’ve got a previous engagement on the 22nd.

Did this ever happen? Robot Arm kindly messaged me about it, but I had an extended illness and neglected both to write him back and to chime in.