Boston Legal 10/20

A man’s brother dies due to malpractice in a military hospital.

According to the Zap2It guide page there wasn’t going to be an episode tonight.

Were they lying to me?

Yes they lied

The tv schedule in my local paper says it’s on.

Damn. :mad:

I found out that Channel 5 in Boston will show yesterday’s Boston Legal episode (Bumped by a Patriots football game) on Wednesday the 22 at 1:06 a.m.

Meaning an hour after tonight’s midnight, ie, set up your recordings today.

Other stations might have moved the broadcast to other slots, so YMMV.

Saw it last night on Canadian E channel. Denny is a huge Asshat and I don’t believe for a second it was some sort of “episode” he was having.

I thought for a moment that Alan might make it through a closing without taking a swipe at the Republicans. Nope.

When Jerry and his sister were confronting the head of the sperm bank I thought “Just ask him to tell you if the same donor gave to both mothers, without revealing his identity. That’s enough for the situation.” That’s what the judge said and I could have saved them a lot of time.

Considering how Shaken Denny was, I can see it was an episode. He’ll be getting pretty bad by season ending, I’d imagine. Either that, or the finale will involve a time jump to a few years later when he’s in a hospital.

Whatever happened to Rene Auberjonois anyway?

He left along with several other folks, like Mark Valley.

Speaking of shaking, I noticed Denny’s hand trembling when he came to Alan’s office to apologize. Nice touch there.