Boston Legal 10/27

Better known as The Alan And Denny Show.

They’re off to a dude ranch this time.

I’m still laughing about those “on/off switch” hats!

I stopped watching about halfway in. It was just too silly. Jerry in the Bo Peep costume, Betty White being allowed to testify on stuff she had no way to know about (plus going to trial wearing the same suit she wore in jail – was the trial held the same day she was arrested?), Alan laying on his horse’s neck, etc. Just too silly.

Too bad you missed some of the sillier stuff. I enjoy watching Denny lose his marbles but perhaps the underlying question asked is relevant, when is someone going to stop being amused and have him treated. He’s getting worse in his behavior, I suspect because he is given a pass every time and wants to push the envelope further.

I think that was actually the least absurd part of the episode. Denny wanting to fuck a sheep?:eek: They should just abandon any pretense of reality and have them defend a client accused of witchcraft.

Well this is the last season, so probably his worsening condition is leading to some kind of resolution in the finale. I was shocked to see whats-her-name in the previews for the next episode. It would be cool if they bring back all the other mysteriously disappearing characters. There was a nod to the fact that Poole of Crane Poole & Schmidt is gone but I don’t remember the episode where they dealt with that, can someone remind me?

Poole showed up at the firm a couple of seasons ago wearing no trousers, so he was taken off to the mental hospital, if my recollection is correct.

I too suspect that the series finale will be some sort of flash-forward in which Denny’s ALZ has gotten so bad that Alan will be forced to do something merciful yet drastic, if you catch the drift.